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American vacations

American vacations
by Connie Richards

For many of us, our first vacation was somewhere in the United States, driving down U.S. 1 along Florida's east coast of flying north to Vermont for a week in a cabin with the entire family. For others, it meant escaping to one of the Great Lakes for a weekend of roughing it by the shore. In any case, the excursions were moments that left great memories.
If you have a similar fond recollections of traveling through America, time spent with family, playing cards on a back porch when it was simply too hot to go inside, and those car rides--the perfect venue for some of the most hilarious moments (and biggest family squabbles) ever.
Why not reach out for a better vacation memory by taking a domestic trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for example, with some beautiful resorts. The same is true for resorts in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.
How about Steamboat ride on the Mississippi with the Delta Queen or American Queen and take in mile after mile of gorgeous countryside with the pristine farmland in the upper Mississippi to the vast plantations of the antebellum era in the south.
America is one of the greatest travel destinations on earth. Just look at the visitation to the National Parks and to our cities, fall foliage, or festivals. What about a cruise leaving from Norfolk going to Martha's Vineyard, Boston, Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or a California Wine tour.
Plenty of opportunities exist for executing domestic excursion and you don't need to worry about exchange rates on the dollar.
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