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Points to Ponder: Certainty in the final hour

Points to Ponder
Certainty in the final hour
by Pastor Dennis Whitmore

In October 1999, six people died aboard a Lear jet that crashed into a field in South Dakota. One of the six was US Open Golf Champion, Payne Stewart. It always fascinates me that news reports will name the celebrity as if his death is somehow more significant. The other five certainly had names. And if they had spouses, children, and other loved ones, their deaths struck them harder than that of a famous golfer.
What a lesson though; fame and money did not give Stewart any greater advantage against death. What did give Stewart an advantage, as he lost consciousness in that plane, was that he knew Jesus Christ. When he boarded that flight that day, he had no idea that he would not be walking off of it. Nor did the other five. Did they know Christ? We don't know.
A military chase plane flew within 100 feet of the Lear jet as it cruised on autopilot. The military pilot said, "It's a very helpless feeling to pull up alongside another aircraft and realize the people inside are unconscious... there's nothing I can do physically--even though I'm 50 to 100 feet away--to help them at all!"
There will come a time for each of us when no one can physically spare us from death's grip. That's why it's wise to know--today--where you're going when that hour comes. Have you given serious and prayerful thought to your relationship with the Lord? Is your heart right with Him?
In this pluralistic time, everyone from Oprah to Government and religious leaders wants to be "inclusive." But if you examine the claims of the many diverse religions, you find that on key points they are diametrically opposed to each other. There are many ways to God, people like to say. However, you can't stand in the center of I-70 and say that both directions will lead to the same place.
In Christ we are to love all people of any faith. Why? Because Christ died for the whole world (John 3:16). So, I'm not here to bash anyone, but to invite everyone to truly consider who Jesus is and why He is either God who came in the flesh, or just another cult leader who lied to his followers and tricked them into dying for Him. Check out the book by Lee Stroebel (a former atheist) called, "A Case for Christ."
In these uncertain days, there's at least one thing you want to be (and can be) certain about: God and your relationship to Him.

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