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Summer travel on a budget

Summer travel on a budget

(ARA)- Summer will be here before you know it and if you've been thinking about taking a trip, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to enjoy the "ultimate" getaway.
Plan it by starting with a checklist of questions:
* What is your total budget? What are the cost parameters for air and lodging? How much do you have to spend on food, beverages and other entertainment?
* Is this year's getaway domestic or international?
* Will you need a passport, a copy of your birth certificate and a state driver's license for identification to gain entry into a country?
* Do I have the sea legs for a cruise across the Caribbean?
Pick it
There are many options that are fun, easy to get to and won't break the bank, including popular destinations such as Cancun, Mexico, Miami, Fla., and Jamaica. When traveling internationally, choose a popular destination with resorts to ensure a safe and enjoyable time.
Pack It
Make sure to pack one change of clothes, a swimsuit, toiletries and all of your valuables in a carry-on bag. This way if your luggage is misplaced, you will have everything you need to get through the first couple of days. Marita Hudson, a member of's Cheap Squad, also suggests that travelers pack as little as possible just in case you plan to bring home vacation mementos.
Serve it
Consider a taking a volunteer vacation with your family and friends. You might be surprised to know that giving back to others is exactly the break you needed and much more fulfilling than sunbathing in South Beach. Check out organizations like Habitat for Humanity ( and the National Park Service ( for volunteer opportunities across America.
Combine your passions of excitement and service in your journey by being a part of rebuilding New Orleans. After a long day of working to help rebuild the city where jazz was born, enjoy Bourbon Street with family and friends and experience N'awlins at its best!
Safety First
Our final and most important suggestion for the ultimate getaway is to be safe. Don't leave the resort alone and stick close to friends and family. Be sure to keep identification and a reserve of cash safe in your front pocket or a hidden money belt.
Regardless of how you plan it, pick it, pack it or serve it for your big summer getaway--make sure to use Internet sites like when you head out on that budget friendly trip!

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