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Collapsible motorcycle trailer makes traveling easy

Collapsible motorcycle trailer makes traveling easy

(ARA)- Motorcycling is all about fun and adding excitement to your life--until one day an accident or breakdown takes place--and your "ride" needs a ride of its own. Being stranded on the road takes the fun out of a ride for you and your fellow bikers, but it doesn't have to be that way. Plan for the unexpected by purchasing a collapsible motorcycle trailer that stores in your trunk.
Not only can a collapsible motorcycle trailer save you from a weekend disaster, but it can save you money as well. One company's innovative design even offers add-on kits, which will convert its motorcycle trailer into a watercraft or utility trailer.
Although motorcycle trailers should be considered a necessary motorcycle accessory, to many bikers they are "if" products, according to Brad Stacy of QC Metal Fab, Inc. "Trailers are nice to have, if they weren't such an eyesore that can't be easily stored. A trailer is great for out-of-town rallies--if you can find a place to park it. Trailers can help you out in an emergency--if they are around when you need them."
A collapsible trailer removes the negative "ifs" from your thinking, notes Stacy, and provides several reasons for owning a stowable trailer. QC Metal Fab's Port-A-Chopper Collapsible Motorcycle Trailer is designed so that components are held together with heavy-duty bent hitch pins. Assembly or disassembly procedures are quick and easy, taking one person less than 15 minutes--with no tools needed. (Tools are required only for the original assembly of a few sub-components.)
Out of sight, but never out of reach-- Reason number one for owning a collapsible trailer is the ability to stow it away in a trunk or storage shed. With the Port-A-Chopper, no component weighs over 44 pounds or is longer than 48 inches, and a disassembled unit occupies about the same space as a large golf bag, making it the perfect solution when storage space is limited.
No need to "fold" on a poker run-- Anyone who has ever participated in charity events or poker runs recognizes that it's not uncommon for a biker to get stranded due to a mechanical breakdown or accident. If a Port-A-Chopper is packed in the chase vehicle, there's no need to leave an unattended motorcycle on the side of the road. One person is all it takes to load a motorcycle onto the Port-A-Chopper, and adjust the tie-down straps.
No problem when your motorcycle needs service-- Taking your motorcycle in for routine service doesn't require the assistance of several buddies to hoist the bike on a pickup truck. With the Port-A-Chopper, it's strictly a one-man job. Haul your bike in for service on your trailer, disassemble the Port-A-Chopper, store in your trunk, and continue on your way. You won't have to tow an empty trailer back home, and won't owe any favors.
No big deal buying a bike in a distant city-- You've seen the bike of your dreams on the Internet, and want to check it out ... and perhaps buy it on the spot. There's no need to beg a friend to drive with you to a distant city, and no need to drag an empty, bouncing trailer to your destination. Pack your Port-A-Chopper collapsible trailer in your trunk, use it to tow your new purchase home, and save the expense of a transporter service.
No putting up with bad weather-- The most popular use of any motorcycle trailer is to travel in comfort to far-away rallies. For drives to Daytona, Sturgis and other popular destinations, a collapsible trailer provides the added option of allowing you or your travel partner the ability to drive the motorcycle part of the way (with the collapsible trailer stowed in the back of your vehicle). You'll have peace of mind, knowing that if inclement weather is forecast, you will be able to enjoy the rest of the trip inside your tow vehicle. Best of all, when you reach your destination, you won't waste time looking for a place to park the trailer--and there won't be any trailer parking fees. Just disassemble the Port-A-Chopper and store it in your trunk.
Turn your motorcycle trailer into a watercraft or utility trailer-- Newly developed add-on kits convert the Port-A-Chopper to serve double-duty as a watercraft trailer, able to carry a jet ski or small watercraft weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Another kit is available to convert the standard motorcycle trailer into a sturdy 4x8-foot trailer. Unlike a typical bulky utility trailer, the Port-A-Chopper utility conversion will handle big hauling chores, but disassembles in flat pieces, requiring very little storage space.
Motorcycles are fun to own and exciting to take on the road, and the right trailer can add to the enjoyment. If you're looking for a trailer that can serve multiple uses, and can be made to virtually disappear when not in use, check out the Port-A-Chopper. Visit; call (800) 828-1374 or (574) 264-0570; or write QC Metal Fab, Inc., 1025 All Pro Drive, Elkhart, Indiana 46514.

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