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Points to Ponder: Thank God! A crisis

Points to Ponder
Thank God! A crisis

Someone has said that people will not change unless there is a shared sense of crisis. It is interesting that we often need to be pushed into tough situations before we will do what, in the end, we knew we should have done long before.
In the Chinese language, symbols or characters are used to convey an idea. The word "crisis" is composed of two symbols put together; one is "danger", the other is "opportunity". So when a crisis comes into your life, see it as danger and opportunity standing side by side. Think about that as you ponder the most recent crisis you have had, or are currently encountering.
The "danger" is what can happen to you. There are risks that have come with the situation. The danger is in what this thing, or the implications of it, can do to you. You may have little control over that. Or, your range of options may present you with difficult consequences. In any case, danger has come to face you because this situation has a risen.
Opportunity however, is what you can do with the matter. The risks, the pain, the cost, are all dangers and potential problems; but there is an opportunity in the midst of it and because of it. I once heard that Thomas Edison was motivated to invent the light bulb because he was annoyed about the cost of using gas lights. (Something like that.) Anyway, you get the point. Look at the moment of crisis. There is probably no way to back out of it. The dangers are real--but in the midst of it, the opportunity awaits discovery.
With God's help, you can discover the opportunities and obtain the strength to seize it. Read the Book of Esther; it is a story about a real crisis that affected the destiny of the Jewish people. A plot to execute the Jewish people was discovered. The King had been manipulated into approving it. Esther, his queen, heard of the crisis. Because she had access to the king, she could do something, but it was dangerous.
The crisis of the impending annihilation of the Jewish people was before her. The danger was in risking her life to approach the king. A wrong move at the wrong time could cost her her life. The opportunity, however, was clear. Only she could get to the king and influence him to spare the people. She did, and Jewish people celebrate her heroism to this day.
One lesson I learned through scripture and the godly examples I have seen is that in a crisis, God is still in charge. Yes there is danger, and sometimes the odds against you are high. However, it may be for such a time as this, that you and your crisis have met. With much prayer and reflection on the Word, you will see that you have been brought to this moment to see an opportunity. It could only come this way, and through these circumstances. Many different people are reading these words right now; so each scenario will differ. But you know if God is talking to you. Is it time to face the danger head on and seize the opportunity which God has revealed clearly to you?
Ah, Lord God! Behold, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for you. (Jeremiah 32:17)
Let us also remember the enabling words of Jesus. He reminds his disciples to not let the dangers and snares of life block the opportunities, which God affords to us.
"With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27)

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