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High schoolers and pre-schoolers visited The Ranger Foundation

High schoolers and pre-schoolers visited The Ranger Foundation

Who can accommodate almost 50 visitors for school field trip? Why The Ranger Foundation at Greenbriar Farm, in Keedysville, Maryland can.
The Washington County Technical High School has a class called Early Childhood Professions and they run a preschool there called My Special Place. Here the high school students learn to care for the preschool students under the direction of Nicole Potter, who runs both classes.
On Friday, May 12, almost 50 high schoolers, preschoolers, school staffers and volunteer parents visited The Ranger Foundation to learn about farms and horses.
Their first stop was the barn to learn about the equine parts. Under Chante Kline's direction, a Ranger volunteer, and using 38-year-old Ranger Horse "Ebby", students used labels identifying the equine's body parts from the withers to the hock. They all passed the test!
Some pre-schoolers then donned a cowboy hat sitting on a mock horse saddle learning the proper horse commands as "Whoa" and "Giddy-Up".
The students then ventured down to a horse pasture to visit with Ranger Horse "Kit", a registered Paint and retired Military horse, to view his unique tongue trick. Upon request, by volunteer Anita Fleshman, Kit would stick his tongue way out. His way of asking for a treat--and it worked!
The school children then showed their appreciation for The Ranger's hospitality by presenting to Ann Corcoran, Ranger president, a large; decorated box full of collected donations. The box consisted of horse treats, shampoos, tack, cash contributions and other goodies!
Afterwards, the students relaxed on the Ranger's lawn enjoying their brown-bag lunch while viewing the Greenbriar Farm's 300 acres of pasture silhouetted by grazing horses. The staffers and parents then, acting as horses and trying to work off their lunch, galloped around the large horse ring with the preschoolers on their backs. Giddy-Up!
All in all, it was an educational and relaxing day for the students, teachers, staffers and parents enjoying the Greenbriar Farm's fresh air, mountain views and, most of all, its very cooperative horses.
The Ranger Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed as a retirement home for police, military and therapeutic riding horses who have given years of service to their respective communities. Ranger volunteers care for the horses and horses can be sponsored or adopted. Visit for more information.

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