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Fish News: Northeast Blow Shuts Everything Down

Fish News
Northeast Blow Shuts Everything Down

Everything starts to break loose and a nice northeast blow shuts everything down. Look for catches to pick back up this week as the wind lets up, we get some warmer weather, and the bay water clears up some. There have been a few tuna caught by boats running out of Rudee Inlet but based on today's temperature shots, if you have the option, Hatteras looks like the inlet to fish offshore out of this week. Red drum, black drum, and some gray trout will be available in the bay when things settle down. Speckled trout are in the River mouths that empty into the Mobjack Bay. Croaker catches continued right on through the blow, up in the rivers, where you could find some protection from the wind. It should not take the flounder fleet too long to round up the flatfish as the waters clear. The area off of Cape Charles would be a good place to try. Tautog will continue to be available along the CBBT.
April 29, Byrd Holloway found some water out of the wind on the Potomac River. He caught three striped bass in the 36-40 inch range.
April 28, it was too rough to out in the big boat so Mac and Ruth McCormick decided to go out in their kayaks. They fished the Warwick River and caught a bunch of nice croaker.
April 24, I headed east with my wife, Tricia. We were getting in a little practice for the Miss Hatteras Trip. In 300 feet of water we caught tilefish, sea bass, and 4 bluefish. What we did not catch was a dogfish, not a single one. A very nice surprise but where did they go?
April 23, Matt Rinck took Jorj Head, Tim Hatok and myself out to look for gray trout. We had talked to Craig Freeman earlier in the day and he had not caught any at the HRBT so we tried York Spit and the Cell. We caught tautog and croaker. Never saw a trout.
April 21, I ran to the tilefish hole with Craige Stallings, Troy Warren, Darren Foster, and Jeff Dail. We came in early when we had no more room to store anymore fish. We caught tilefish, sea bass, cod, grouper, and dogfish. Jeff Dail had the largest tilefish at 14 pounds and what I have been told is a yellow edge grouper a bit over 15 pounds. I had the biggest sea bass at 5 pounds.
April 20, Matt Rinck, Jorj Head, and Tim Hatok fished for tautog along the CBBT. They lost count at 60. Most were released. They kept 15 in the 4-6 pound range.
April 20, John Hunt fished his boat out of Hatteras. Trolling, they caught 6 yellowfin tuna, 8 false albacore, 1 king mackerel, and 2 amberjack. The fish were in 40-50 fathoms.
April 20, Mac McCormick fished his kayak out of the State Park at Grandview. He caught 2 flounder.

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