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Gift Ideas Mom Can Enjoy Long After the Big Day

Gift Ideas Mom Can Enjoy Long After the Big Day
Nesting, Simplicity and Health & Fitness Trends Help Boost Demand for Gardening Gifts

(ARA)- It's the number one day for long distance calls, the busiest day for restaurant dining and according to the International Mass Retailers Association, it's second only to Christmas in gift giving. In fact, millions are spent each year in an effort to honor mom on her special day.
But what do you buy for the woman who does it all--the person who has cooked and cleaned for you, kept you organized and on schedule, who fixes boo boos and helps mend broken hearts--the person who has sacrificed so much?
Surveys show that traditionally, flowers, candy, jewelry and clothing have topped the gift list. Yet, according to the Gifting Resource Center, there are a number of trends that will likely affect gift-giving this year, including simplicity; organizing/streamlining; nesting; and a renewed focus on health, fitness and relaxation.
For those women who treasure the simple joys of tending their gardens, who get satisfaction from staying at home and caring for the exterior of their home, and who thrive from the fresh air and physical activity of yard work, there are three new gift ideas this year from GardenWay.
Garden enthusiasts will appreciate a beautiful gardening gift set that includes many of the tools and supplies they need to be more productive and comfortable while spending time with their favorite hobby. The new Hand Tool Essentials kit, available for only $29.99, includes three sturdy hand tools--a trowel, gardening fork and transplanter. Each features a solid wood handle and stainless steel implement for years of use. They're packaged in a convenient wooden box, so just stick a bow on it and you've got the perfect gift.
The Strain-Free Tool Set, also packaged in an attractive wooden box, truly says you care. Four garden tools (including a garden edger, fork, trowel and transplanter) feature innovative T-handles and longer shafts to make gardening more comfortable. The longer T-handles not only provide greater leverage to break through even the toughest soil without straining, but they also keep the wrist in a more comfortable, neutral position when digging. Available in time for Mother's Day for $39.99.
For the ultimate presentation, there's also the Gardener's Delight Gift Basket. Six hand tools (including a trowel, transplanter, weeder, plough, pruner and cultivator) have soft ergonomic handles and stainless steel implements. There's also a kneeler pad to protect joints and a mesh tote with side pockets for convenient carrying of tools and clippings. Everything is beautifully packaged in a reusable corn stem basket and all for only $49.99.
Moms, along with all our special women, work year-round on behalf of the people they love, so this year why not buy something that she can still enjoy long after May 14 while doing something she loves to do--gardening?
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