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Points to Ponder: Seeking Potential Beyond the Mediocrity

Points to Ponder
Seeking Potential Beyond the Mediocrity
by Pastor Dennis Whitmore

The late novelist John O'Hara, recalling his formative school years, said, "The college professor I love and respect the most was the one who once got maddest at me." He was an English professor who required papers on a weekly basis. O'Hara's writing talent was a natural gift, so cranking them out and cruising through the course work was simple enough.
One day, a paper came back with an "F" on it. O'Hara was devastated. How could his paper not be good enough to pass? So he went to the professor.
The infuriated professor told him he was wasting his talent. Such mediocre work was below his ability. Maybe the paper was good enough to get a passing grade; but this teacher was not there to build a stack of "passable" writings; his calling was to build a class of excellent writers.
From then on, O'Hara was grateful for this teacher's bold caring, and righteous indignation with his mediocrity. From then on, he got A's.
We all need someone who cares enough about us to see that what we can be exceeds what we've allowed ourselves to become. Maybe you have a friend, coach, teacher, pastor or parent who's like that for you. Perhaps it's your calling to be that for someone else. Proverbs 27:6. "Faithful are the wounds of a friend..."

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