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Old Friends in the Stable: Caesar

Old Friends in the Stable

Caesar is one of the horses at the Ranger Foundation of Greenbriar Farm in Keedysville, Maryland. Standing 17 hands, the 24 year-old gorgeous grey thoroughbred gelding appears majestic as he grazes with his herd on the hillside.
Today, one would not recognize him as the scrawny horse who arrived at the farm in September of 2003. He came from a riding school where he had been purchased as a school horse. Although calm and highly trained, he could never be used much because of his failure to gain weight.
The Ranger Foundation prides itself in dealing with weight maintenance, a big issue in older horses. Ann Corcoran, President of the organization, took one look and him and said, "I know we can help this horse." She formulated a special recipe for him, and within a couple months of his arrival, hundreds of pounds were added to his big frame.
The Ranger Foundation is a non-profit retirement home for horses that have served people in institutions such as police departments, military forces, or therapeutic riding schools. Its mission is to give quality care in a peaceful setting to these horses. The organization is entirely staffed by volunteers.
Each month sponsors are sought for the horses, either as individuals or businesses. Sponsorships are $100/month, which covers feed, supplements, veterinarian, farrier, and dentist. There are also half-sponsorships of $50 a month available, as well as $1,000 donations, which count for one full year. Businesses and distant individual sponsors will receive periodic reports and photos of their horses, nearby sponsors may visit and care for their horse.
Join Caesar at the Ranger Foundation for their New Horse Owner Class on April 29, 2006.
Learn more about The Ranger Foundation and their New Horse Owner Class and sponsoring a horse like Caesar at

Experience the joy of horse ownership by sponsoring one of our wonderful Ranger horses! To learn more about The Ranger Foundation and sponsoring a horse visit

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