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Kids in the News: Student Musicians Of The Month

Kids in the News
Student Musicians Of The Month

Emily Myers- Clear Spring High student Emily Myers shares a great enthusiasm for music. She's been singing and playing classical music since the age of eight, all because she love's performing these complex pieces.
"You kind have to put yourself in the piece and say what were they trying to accomplish in this famous piece, so you need to kind of think back to then," said Myers.
"She's an excellent pianist, in addition to being a leader in our show choir as far as dancing and singing," said Beth Smith, Myer's music teacher.
With college a little more than a year away, she plans to continue with music. Myers said she's definitely keeping her options open.
"I'll probably continue doing my musical education but it just won't be at the forefront just because I'm interested in a whole lot of other things," said Myers.
Jimmy Clegg- Musselman High student Jimmy Clegg has been playing the piano and singing since he was five. It's his love for music that's kept him going.
"Even just at home when I'm bored I can just sit and start playing and singing. It's a good way to express my feelings," said Clegg.
It's this passion for music that helped him clinch 3rd place in an international music competition.
"You can just tell that the desires there, you know that he wants to continue this career doing this kind of thing," said Laura Kearns, Clegg's chorus teacher.
Even though he's only a junior, he's already got his future planned. He hopes to get a recording deal and star in his very own Broadway musical. But one thing is for sure, he'd like to do it his own way.
"I don't want to go with the crowd, I want to do what I like to do and play what I like to play. And if it's not going to get me into what I want to do, to a national scale then I'm not going to change cuz it's who I am," said Clegg.

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