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Ready for a Makeover this New Year? Try a Wig for Change without the Commitment

Ready for a Makeover this New Year? Try a Wig for Change without the Commitment

(ARA)- The New Year is a time for making changes and trying new things. And since it comes during the drab winter months, many of those changes revolve around updating your personal appearance. If you're tempted to try a new hairstyle, but nervous about making a permanent, drastic change, consider a wig.
Do you love your short, curly hair, but wonder what you'd look like with shoulder-length tresses? Or perhaps you wouldn't dream of dyeing your naturally red hair, but want to spend some time as a blonde.
"A wig gives you options without commitment," says S J Moore of "You can experiment with fashion trends and try on different looks just by changing your hair."
Wig technology has come a long way in recent years, and today's wigs don't just look better than ever, they're also more comfortable to wear and easy to care for. "Many of our wigs weigh 2 ounces or less," says Moore. He adds that new, thinner wefts (the fabric to which fibers are sewn) and lighter cap construction allow for more air circulation. And instead of the old "one size fits all" mentality, many wigs are now available in sizes, which ensures that the wig will remain comfortably and securely in place.
And, with the debut of, buying a wig has never been easier. "We offer a huge selection of wigs, both 100 percent human hair and synthetic," says Moore. To help women find the right wig, the Web site offers a number of helpful online tools.
"You know how you take a friend with you shopping to give you honest advice? We want our Web site to be your virtual shopping friend," says Moore. So even though the computer can't talk to you, by using the clever shopping guides, you'll get expert advice on the perfect wig.
Two important considerations when choosing a hairstyle and color are your face shape and your skin tone. The Web site helps you determine your skin tone and then recommends wig colors to complement and bring out your natural skin tone. Once you know what your best wig colors are, you can use the "my colors" feature, which instructs the Web site to only show wigs in those colors.
Next, use the face shape guide to help you select the style that fits your face. "Use the same information celebrity stylists use to help their clients look their best," says Moore. For example, for a round face, you want to add height without adding extra width, while those with square faces should avoid styles that add width at the jawline.
The information displayed for each wig includes a model wearing the wig, an in-depth description of the style and its features, which face shapes it is best suited to, and styling tips. You can add wigs to your wish list for future reference. When you've chosen the perfect wig, use the detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to find your correct wig size.
The extensive information on caring for and maintaining wigs will be extremely helpful both for those who already own wigs as well as those who are buying a wig for the first time. Here are a few tips:
* As a rule of thumb, wash your wig after every six to eight wearings, or when it begins to lose its luster, becomes more difficult to style or feels less fresh than when first wearing it.
* Use specially formulated wig shampoo and cold water to wash your wig. Use a wig drying stand to help maintain the shape of the wig.
* When the wig is dry, simply shake it out to "wake" the style again, then brush or comb the wig into the desired look.
To see all the fashionable wig styles available and for more tips on choosing the right wig, visit

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