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Voters Finally Show Their Distaste For Democratic Tactics

by Vince Dellaposta

Chuck Muth: “In Little League, they would have invoked the ‘slaughter rule.’ That’s how completely and totally the Democrats were devastated on Tuesday. It was unpredicted. It was unheard of. Heck, it was impossible. But we pulled it off anyway.”

There were a LOT of winners and losers this election day, with the most obvious losers being - in no particular order - Tom Daschle, Dick Gephardt and DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. All three should be shown the door by the Democrat base, but considering the results on Tuesday, I kinda hope they stick around.

The current President, Mr. Bush, was an obvious BIG winner; the former president, Mr. Clinton - who made no difference anywhere he appeared for candidates in the country - was a BIG loser. As was his vice-president, Al “the bore” Gore. But there are some not-so-immediately obvious winners and losers to take note of. For instance, not only were Clinton and Gore losers in this election, so were the majority of their administration minions who were trying to stake out political careers of their own. I believe two former Clinton/Gore cronies were successfully elected, while seven of them were tossed away like a cheap White House intern by voters. Pretty pathetic record. I hope now the news media will end their cheap love affair with the Clintons and let dead dogs lie.

Ditto the Kennedy clan. They went 0-for-3 this cycle, with the most stunning defeat coming in Maryland, where Bobby Kennedy’s kid, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, had her hat handed to her in the gubernatorial race despite the state’s overwhelmingly Democratic electorate. Everyone knows that in order to win a statewide race in Maryland you only need to win Baltimore, Prince George and Montgomery Counties. This time Baltimore City, which was no surprise, voted overwhelmingly for KKT while Baltimore County cast 61,000 more votes for Ehrlich. Harford County voted for Ehrlich by a better than 3 to 1 ratio. Carroll County was almost 4 to 1. And Washington County was better than 2 to 1. Frederick County, a county that voted two to 1 for Ehrlich, also confirmed their Conservative ideals by re-electing Alex Mooney to another term as State Senator and getting rid of Liberal Sue Hecht once and for all. I don’t think Hecht would have had much pull with the new Governor. The same thing happened in Alleghany County, which voted for Ehrlich by two to one ratio. They obviously had enough of the Speaker of the House and replaced him with Republican Leroy Myers Jr.

Congratulations to all the County leaders who worked so hard for the Ehrlich, Steel team. Congratulations, also, to Leroy Myers Jr. for his work and dedication to getting elected.

Florida was a big winner for a few reasons. One, they actually pulled off an election without major ballot snafus. And in the process, Florida dispatched the Wicked Witch of Waco, Janet Reno, as well as re-elected the President’s kid brother. And just to put some icing on the cake, they sent Katherine Harris (yes, THAT Katherine Harris) to Congress. So much for the illegitimate claim.

But perhaps the biggest Republican losers of all were the Republicans-In-Name-Only... better known as the RINOs. In Maryland, Rep. Connie Morella - who many Republicans genuinely adore as a person but loathe as a Republican because of her horrible voting record - lost. The Democrats came home and voted for one of their own. And up in New Jersey, another nice RINO, Rep. Marge Roukema, retired. She also refused to support the conservative candidate who was nominated to take her place, Scott Garrett, who won in a landslide anyway, and in doing so, laid to rest the argument that one had to be a liberal Republican to get elected in that district.

But perhaps the biggest RINO loser on Tuesday wasn’t even on the ballot: Sen. Lincoln Chaffee. Chaffee has been threatening for over a year to bolt the GOP if the Senate ended up in a tie again - thus doing a Jim Jeffords to Republicans a second time. Alas, the victory on Tuesday was so complete, poor Lincoln was relegated to complete irrelevance. Good. Maybe he’ll leave anyway.

The Democrats still can’t figure out why they lost. It could be because the people got tired of Democrats holding up important reform like repealing the “death tax”, or refusing to appoint Conservative Bush appointees. Or it could be that after 50 long years of using scare tactics against Republicans, people just refuse to believe any longer that Republicans are scarier than terrorists. Or it just may be that people, for good reasons, really believe that our only hope in fighting terrorists on our home turf lies in Republican leadership.

Whatever it was I am glad that it happened in my lifetime.

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