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Soak in the Holiday Season

Soak in the Holiday Season

(ARA)- Holidays are stressful. Heck, life is stressful. Work, kids, commitments and now, on top of everything else, you're expected to exude seasonal cheer. In the paraphrased words of an old advertising campaign, "Calgon, Santa, anybody, just take me away."
You can free your stressful mind by staying put in your own bathroom-turned-spa. An hour with a basket full of 100 percent aromatically pure and natural aromatherapy products can help you enjoy the seasonal time and also provide you with gift-giving ideas.
Giving the Essentials
An essential oil is an aromatic liquid that is derived from the leaves, flowers, roots, fruit or stems of a plant. It is the pure "essence" of a plant. According to Mindy Seiffert, aromatherapy category manager for Aura Cacia, it takes approximately180 pounds of roses to produce only one ounce of Rose Absolute; 3.6 million jasmine blossoms yield only one pound of Jasmine Absolute.
"Great care is needed to produce the purest form of essential oil," says Seiffert. To achieve the therapeutic benefits provided by essential oils, they must be tested with gas chromatography to ensure purity and quality. "This season, pick up a Precious Essentials Aromatherapy Soak, Massage and Spritz and indulge your mind, body and spirit with one of the top four precious essential oils (Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Vanilla and Sandalwood). It's a healthy way to clear your mind, relax or evoke intimacy. Give it to yourself or wrap it up for a loved one or friend."
Reaping the Health Benefits
Essential oils that are inhaled into the lungs deliver both physical and psychological benefits. Simply put, the aroma stimulates the brain to trigger a certain reaction. For example, research at the Society of Psychophysiological Research found that sleepers in jasmine-scented rooms enjoyed better quality sleep and morning-after alertness than those that slept in a non-scented room.
"All you really need to know is that you'll finally feel better, both emotionally and physically. That's the best gift you can give yourself or others," says Seiffert. "With all this health and scientific background, don't lose sight of the basic principles behind the products--they evoke fun, relaxation and sensuality. These are all elements of a healthy lifestyle."
Making it Easy
Giving Precious Essentials is a little easier on the pocketbook. These rare, expensive essential oils are now offered by Aura Cacia at a price point that consumers can more readily afford. If soaking in a bath tub is not your thing, Precious Essentials also offers a spritz and massage formula. "With Precious Essentials, consumers can enhance their aromatherapy experience with prized essential oils while creating an indulgent at-home spa experience," notes Seiffert.
Locking the Bathroom Door
The most important thing to remember this holiday season is to make time for yourself away from everyday strain and seasonal stress. Basking in the positive presence of inviting essential oils can enhance your holiday disposition. It's good for your mind and good for your body. So, lock away the stresses when you latch the bathroom door.
For more information on essential oils or the Aura Cacia Precious Essentials product line, please visit Aura Cacia's Web site at

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