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Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives! A Letter to Santa!

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives!
A Letter to Santa!

Dear Santa,
Since your trip to Washington County last Christmas Eve, the folks, here at Habitat for Humanity, have made a few changes on the map in 2005, so we're sending this to help you plan your trip for this year.
Santa, we don't want you to miss some the homes! When your sleigh sailed over our county last year, these homes were not there. But since that time, the volunteers of Habitat for Humanity have completed construction, dedicated, and moved families into 6 new homes.
Yes, Santa, there are two new families on Liberty Street and two new families on Merbaugh Drive (formerly Vickie Drive) in Hagerstown, plus two new families in Boonsboro. These families will be hanging their stockings with the hope that you will find them, so, that's the reason for our letter.
Santa, it was very exciting to see the joy of these families as they accepted the keys to their homes at the dedication ceremonies. You know what a joy it is for you and Mrs. Claus to have a home to call your own, so you know how joyful these six families are. At the dedication ceremonies, where God's blessings were prayerfully asked for the families, we saw tears of joy on their faces and on the faces of the many volunteers that worked on the homes. It was a touching, heart-warming experience shared by all in attendance.
Did you know, Santa, this is the first time many of these people have lived in safe, affordable housing. I know it's hard to imagine families living in decaying buildings...rotting floorboards, leaking roofs, no running water, no heat, terrible surroundings and overcrowded conditions. But, Santa, it happens and Habitat for Humanity is working hard to help families in these conditions to find new hope.
Habitat is dedicated to providing decent, affordable housing to low-income families who pledge work hours in return for loans that enable them to purchase a home they could not otherwise afford. But, Santa, this could not happen without the many fine persons volunteering their time and efforts to build the homes, plus, those individuals, companies and organizations generously giving money, supplies and land to make it all possible. Yes, Santa, with the concern and generosity of people such as these, Habitat can make it possible for many families to find new hope. So, Santa, if you encounter anyone willing to share their abundance, please ask them to call the Habitat for Humanity office at 301-791-9009, and we will be happy to tell them how they can help.
Santa, thanks for taking time to read our letter. It has been a great year for Habitat and for those families we have been able to place in homes. So, until next year, we wish you, and all the people you visit, a very Happy Holiday.
The Habitat for Humanity Staff and Volunteers

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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