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Fish News: Fishing for Striped Bass

Fish News
Fishing for Striped Bass

Everybody is now fishing for striped bass. A few big fish have been caught just about everywhere. Big fish have been caught at the CBBT on eels. They have been caught way up the bay, over at Cape Charles, and out of the Barrier Islands surf. They have not been caught in great numbers and the bite inside the bay has been sporadic. There are plenty of little fish around but not good numbers of larger fish. The best bite this past week was south of Rudee, anywhere from just south of the inlet all the way down to the Duck Pier. Most of these fish are in the 30 something inch range with a few breaking 40 inches. Reports have the body of large fish still being up the coast. This winter weather we are having now should encourage these fish to move on down to us. Other than stripers, we have bluefin tuna available. These fish can be found anywhere from 30 fathoms all the way into the beach. A good-sized group of 100-pound class tuna has been in the area of the SE Lumps. Larger fish could show up anywhere, the 20-fathom curve would be a good place to look. Big bluefish remain off our coast. They are found around most of the wrecks and sea mounts. The Chesapeake Light Tower is a good place to visit for bluefish. You probably will also encounter striped bass (try not to catch them) and maybe bluefin there. Tautog action remains good. Charles Southall reported that he has been catching all he that wants on the Cape Henry Wreck--plenty of keepers but no real monsters. Speckled trout can be found at the Hot Ditch. The great yellowfin bite out of Oregon Inlet continues. Some bigeyes have also been caught.
Club member Jack Lawson is featured on the cover of this month's Sportsman's Magazine. He is holding a couple of nice rockfish wire-lined at the CBBT. The photo is by Dr. Bob Allen. Gary Donaldson has updated his website at
Dec. 3, The Healthy Grin crew tried to defend our Ducks Unlimited Rockfish Shootout title. Winning another $10,000 sounded pretty good too. We failed. We failed badly. Nary a fish did we catch. We spent most of the time eeling the high rise without a bite. We did have fun at the party though. Tricia won some raffle prizes. She won a net, an umbrella rig, and some lures. All were donated to the club and they will probably be door prizes at the December meeting. She also won a $50 gift certificate to Bass Pro. For some reason, she would not donate that to the club.
Dec. 3, Jack Lawson and Dr. Bob Allen fished with John Perry. They had a slow day of fishing managing to catch just 3 striped bass at the 3rd island. The largest was 37 inches. Bob said that the fish were full of bait fish and eels.
Dec. 3, Gary Donaldson fished at the CBBT for stripers without any luck until a crew member decided to tie on walleye lure that he had bought at Wal-Mart. That lure accounted for all 3 of their fish.
Dec. 3, Capt. Nolan Agner ( ran his boat back from Oregon Inlet. He left a red-hot tuna bite to run back to Rudee to take charters out after jumbo rockfish. He ran into rockfish at the Duck Pier where he caught fish in the 38-40 inch range. He came on home after catching a half-dozen. He ran through fish all the way up to 13 miles south of Rudee where it petered out.
A special thanks to our sponsors and members, without whom all this would not be possible.

Dr. Ken Neill, III writes a weekly column for The Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association (

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