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Fish News: Tournaments Every Weekend in December

Fish News
Tournaments Every Weekend in December

There was no fishing for me this past week. I was in the Magic Kingdom with Tricia and the kids; family time to make up for the week I just spent in Venezuela. My little 7-year-old decided that she is now a daredevil. This made the trip fun for everyone, no kiddie rides for us. It was roller coasters and thrill rides.
No fishing but we still had fun. I got used to the sunny and 80 degree weather. What did you guys do to the weather up here while I was gone? It is cold. Along with the cold weather, big rockfish have arrived. Most of the big fish have been caught at the CBBT where fish over 50 pounds have been boated. The most newsworthy was not the biggest. It was a 44-inch striper caught by Virginia's First Lady of Fishing, Carolyn Brown. She released it for her 100th citation earning her Master Level IV status. Carolyn is only the third angler to reach this level and she is the first woman (the other anglers to reach Master IV are Capt. Craig Paige and Dr. Jim Wright). I don't know anyone who fishes harder than Carolyn. Congratulations! You earned that award. Other than striped bass, tautogs have been active in the bay on out to the Tower Reef. Sea bass are plentiful over the ocean wrecks. Flounder continue to be caught around these wrecks but look for that bite to slow down soon. Big bluefish and bluefin tuna are plentiful off of our coast. Most of the bluefin are in the 60 to 100 pound class but bigger fish are around. Areas like the Triangle Wrecks, Fish Hook, Hot Dog and on out to the Fingers are likely spots to find these schools of tuna. Big speckled trout are being caught in the Elizabeth River. Offshore boats continue to hammer the yellowfin tuna out of Oregon Inlet.
There are striped bass tournaments scheduled for every weekend now. Our club's tournament runs the entire month of December. Contact John Schnautz to enter.
The speaker for the December meeting will be Andrij Horodysky from VIMS. He'll be talking about fisheries science for us. As in, what do they eat (stomach contents), what colors can they really see, and other stuff to help us catch more.
Nov. 26, Jack Lawson and Dr. Bob Allen wire-lined the CBBT. They only managed 6 stripers during the morning tide and they called it a day.
Nov. 26, Darren Foster and Craig Freeman fished for speckled trout. They did not say where but I would guess the Elizabeth River. They each caught big fish. Craig's was 27.5 inches and Darren caught a 27 inch speck.
Nov. 26, Stan Simmerman, Larry Turner, and Gary Donaldson fished in the bay for stripers. They fished a number of locations but did the best at the CBBT. They totaled about 25 striped bass up to 27 inches.
Nov. 26, Stephen Powell and Steve Williams eeled the CBBT and caught stripers to 40 inches. They then went and caught a half dozen togs at the Westmoreland.
Nov. 25, Jack Lawson and Dr. Bob Allen wire-lined the CBBT. They caught stripers up to 36 inches.

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