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Fish News: Bigger Fish

Fish News
Bigger Fish

Boats fishing out of Hatteras and Oregon Inlet experienced fantastic yellowfin tuna action. Limit catches are fairly common. Big wahoo are also in the mix. If you can't get your boat down there, a lot of charter boats are available. One of our charter boat captain club members has taken his boat down there to hit these tuna, Closer to home, our offshore waters have been pretty quiet. It is time to get out there to look for those giant bluefin tuna. The Fingers would be a good place to start. Closer in, there should be flounder and sea bass in the Triangle Wrecks area. In the bay, tautog action is fantastic. There are a lot of little speckled trout around. In some areas, anglers are catching 50 or so a trip. There are a few bigger fish mixed in. Some have reached citation size in Rudee Inlet but you get to weed through a bunch of 10-12 inch fish to find them. It is a good time to look for larger specks on Poquoson Flats. They don't do so every year, but when they do, I have seen anglers come in with limits of fish with all of them over 5 lbs. With all of these specks around, it might be worth giving the islands a try. I have not forgotten stripers. They are everywhere. They are up the rivers and up the creeks. You can catch off of most any dock that has a light on it. The bigger fish are being caught at the CBBT. Most of the fish are small but more are starting to push the 40-inch mark. They will continue to get bigger and more numerous each week. It looks like the tremendous run of big spot is over. It was very impressive while it lasted.
Oct. 23, Charles Southall took us out after spot at the HRBT and spot we caught. Charles released a 13.75-inch fish. Hunter Southall released a 13-inch fish and weighed one in at 1 lb. 2 oz. I weighed in two fish at 1 lb. 3 oz and 1 lb. 2.5 oz. Jeff Dail weighed in fish of 1 lb. 7 oz and 1 lb. 2 oz. I don't know how many 13-inch fish we weighed that went 1 lb. 1 oz. Besides spot, Charles caught a 29-inch striped bass and a puppy drum, both on pieces of bloodworm.
Oct. 23, John Hunt took his family out after spot at the HRBT. They had four generations on board. John's wife, Vickie, weighed in a 1 lb. 5 oz fish and his daughter, Sumer, weighed in a 1 lb. 2.5 oz fish.
Oct. 23, Matt Rinck, Jorj Head and Gene Hunsecker tried for spot at the HRBT. They caught plenty. Jorj weighed in the big one at 1 lb. 5 oz. Gene and Matt both registered release citations.

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