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County Comment: County Agencies Receive Big Ticket From Governor

County Comment
County Agencies Receive Big Ticket From Governor
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

The Washington County Community Partnership for Children and Families/Local Management Board was recipient of the largest total grant fund award made by Governor Bob Ehrlich during his recent two-day tour of Western Maryland, with a total of $1,911,675. The tour concluded in Hagerstown on August 25.
Those funds will enable the WCCP/LMB to provide services to children and families across the County through administration of state grant funding to community agencies and monitoring of those grants, and to fund a counselor position in the Washington County Public School system's Alternative School. The LMB grant totaled $1,869,375.00, and $42,300.00 was received for the Alternative Education grant.
The Community Action Council, which has partnered with County government to administer Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, received $200,000.00 for operation of the Countywide Housing Rehabilitation Program for low-income homeowners.
The Washington County Sheriff's Office received the Domestic Violence Order Entry and Service grant, in the amount of $25,660.00. The State's Attorney's Office Alternative Sanctions Department received $30,950.00 to continue funding for the Work Crew Supervisor position.
Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused (CASA) received $54,006.00 for Services to Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
In all, over $2.22 million was received by County agencies and service agencies supported in part by the Board of County Commissioners. The sum represents the largest portion of the state funding that Ehrlich presented Counties and towns on his Western Maryland trip.
In addition, the City of Hagerstown received $225,622.00 for the CSAFE, Bullet Proof Vests, Gun Violence and Domestic Violence programs, plus a $50,000 Community Legacy grant to demolish a property on East Baltimore Street.
Two private developers, Richard Cleary and Clyde Deming received over $650,000 in Heritage Preservation tax credits for historic preservation and development projects in Downtown Hagerstown.
Two Capital Historic Preservation grants were also announced. The First Presbyterian Church of Hagerstown received $50,000.00 for repairs to the roof of that historic structure. The Hagerstown Model Railroad Museum at Antietam Station in Sharpsburg received a grant of $11,000.00 for renovation work to that historic structure.
State Planning Secretary Audrey Scott made the announcement of each grant, and Governor Ehrlich handed out large facsimile checks to recipients.
County Commissioners' President Greg Snook accepted the check for the Alternative School program, and WCCP Director Stephanie Stone accepted the check for the Local Management Board. County Sheriff Charles Mades accepted the Domestic Violence grant, and Terry Masters accepted the Work Crew Supervisor's award ion behalf of the Alternative Sanctions Office. David Jordan, Executive Director of the Community Action Council accepted the CDBG check and Vicki Sadhevandi accepted the funding award for CASA.
In presenting the grants, Ehrlich touted revitalization and preservation efforts in towns and in rural areas. The Governor cited state-funded efforts such as Program Open Space, Rural Legacy and Conservation Easements, and said that " nothing is more important" than preservation of farmland and open space in Western Maryland and across the state.
The ceremonies were held in Public Square in Hagerstown.

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