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Finding Balance In A Busy Life

Finding Balance In A Busy Life

(NAPSI)-Among work, social lives, financial responsibilities and time spent striving for physical fitness, it can be difficult for young women to find balance in their everyday lives-but it can be done. Finding balance is especially challenging during the hectic holiday months. With parties, shopping, family visits and decorating on top of an already busy schedule, how do you keep everything under control? "It is key to maintain a balance at home and at work, especially during the holidays when there are usually additional demands on our time," says Dr. Jan Yager, Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut and Friends and Family Zone advisory board member. "This is when time management skills, such as prioritizing and goal setting, are especially useful." Experts say there are several tools that can help keep the holiday chaos from disrupting your overall life balance. They advise that investing in a daily planner can be an easy first step. The planners are great for logging daily appointments, keeping track of important dates and updating shopping lists. Another device to help maintain life balance is the Find Your Fit by Kotex(r) Monitor. This online "life coach" gives women the tools to set and prioritize their own goals and needs across four distinct zones: "fitness," "family and friends," "fun" and "future." It was developed with the aid of an advisory panel of experts, including Dara Torres, four-time swimming Olympic gold medallist and advisor of the Monitor's Fitness Zone, and Jessica Alpert-Goldman, accessories designer and Future Zone advisory board member. The Monitor provides customized tips and suggestions on how to improve in each of the four zones. It also helps users set and accomplish goals to achieve personalized life balance. The self-directed guide can be terrific during the holidays-especially if you are struggling to find time for yourself or for special people in your life. For more information, visit Time On Your Side-There are ways even the busiest women can find balance in their lives.

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