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Tips to help you find the right mower

Tips to help you find the right mower

(NAPS)-You don't have to be an expert to create a beautiful yard that makes your neighbors green with envy. With a little knowledge and the right equipment for the job at hand, you can easily enjoy a healthy, green lawn.
Here are a few tips to help you choose the right mower:
1. Know Your Yard
The first step is to understand your yard-how big is it, is it flat and smooth or sloping? Will you mow around trees, till a garden or plow the driveway?
If working with less than half an acre, a walk-behind mower will do the trick. But if you're working with larger acreage, varying terrain or a property with plenty of obstacles to trim around, you may want to choose a riding lawn mower. Some manufacturers, such as John Deere, offer automotive-style power steering to easily maneuver around trees and landscaping, and power lift to easily raise and lower implements. The Select Series X310, for example, also has plenty of attachments like front blades and aerators to get the most out of your equipment.
2. All Yards Aren't Alike
If you need to do more than mowing, a sub-compact tractor may be for you. Not only can you mow large volumes of grass with a high-quality cut, but you have an added option of using implements like loaders and excavators to accomplish other tasks around the yard.
Ideal for five or more acres of land, the John Deere 1026R provides maximum versatility for loading, mowing, digging and landscaping.
3. Look for Proven Reliability
For a closer look at the reliability and durability of specific models, as well as a complete list of independent ratings, check Consumer Reports.
4. Think About After-Sale Support
Make sure your equipment provider offers reliable after-sale service and can guarantee quick repair if you run into any problems.
5. Keep It Safe
The operator's manual is essential to understanding the specific safety features on your equipment and doubles as a good trouble shooting guide.
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