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Kudos at Smithsburg Middle School

Kudos at Smithsburg Middle School

Congratulations goes to...
...the SMS Destination Imagination team of Mari Mullane, Zachary Garvey, Karen Pastwa, and Morgan McCauley, who placed first in the regional challenge. The team will compete at the State level at UMBC on April 14th.
... Mrs. Amber Madigan, Ms. Cynthia Maser, Mrs. Karla McGough, and Mr. Evan Price who were nominated for the Washington County 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year. The annual award banquet will take place on April 25, 2012.
...the following students who received academic recognition at the S.T.A.R.S. Ceremony held on March 22, 2012.: S.T.A.R.S. - Grade 6: Lalia White, Seth Dodson, Olivia Gilroy, Lexi Ringquist, Spencer Shives, Mason Moser, Mikaela Jerwick, Olivia Whitt, and Valentina Macarisin. Grade 7: Sarah Holl, Aaron Blickenstaff, Brianna Brady, Emily Gorman, Erica Lindsay, Emily Mutchler, Samantha Pryor, Mustafa Akhmedov, and Grace Miller. Grade 8: Noah Stottlemyer, Michael Robinette, Mari Mullane, Yulissa Santana, Courtney McGhee, Macy Meyer, Cassandri Li, Sarah Wagner, and Faizah Pirzada. Rising S.T.A.R.S -Grade 6: Bright Djampa, Tyler Harris, Kelly Stouffer, emma Banfe, Lauryn Daniels, Cameron Kutchey, Monica Schroder, Lillyanna House, and Jenna Wallace. Grade 7: Dylan Womack, Brett Douglas, Brady Taylor, Quinn Beck-Schmieder, William Merritt, Shea Moser, David McKee, Maryannd Kimani, and Shamitz Bounds. Grade 8: Duke Zimmerman, Alex Faust, Hunter Smith, Garrett Gardenhour, Ryan Mann, Chase Lewis, Marisa Carson, Allison Schrader, and Christina York. the following Middle School History Day winners: Junior Group Exhibit - 1st Place: Bryce Scharenbrock, Maheen Haq, Hollee Winders - Mr. Jesse Smith, teacher. Junior Group Exhibit - 2nd Place: Noah Daigneult, Alex Stephenson - Mr. Jesse Smith, teacher. Junior Group Documentary - 2nd Place: Sarah Gowin, Monica Schroder, Hannah Yoder - Mrs. Lynn Izat, teacher. Junior Group Web Site - 1st Place: Cole Nussear, Chase Hollobaugh - Mrs. Lynn Izat, teacher. Junior Group web Site - 2nd Place: Michael Robinette, Zachary Garvey, Micha Daigneult- Mr. Jesse Smith, teacher. the SMS Music Department for raising approximately $1,400 for Hospice of Washington County at the 2nd Annual Benefit Concert.

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