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After-school programs raise student achievement

After-school programs raise student achievement

(NAPS)-Before- and after-school programs help motivate students to do their best during school hours.
That was the result of a recent survey of elementary and middle school superintendents. The survey underscored the importance and benefits that out-of-school time programs can provide students. Conducted by extended learning provider Champions and the National AfterSchool Association (NAA), the survey explored before- and after-school educational and enrichment programs and superintendents' beliefs in their effectiveness.
"The data from our recent survey shows the high value superintendents place on after-school programs and why they are critical in improving the overall education of students today," said Dr. Paul Young, president and CEO, NAA.
A vast majority-82 percent-of surveyed school superintendents agreed that educational programs beyond the traditional school day are not only important, but they improve learning and social interaction and are highly successful at supplementing in-class curriculum.
"The benefits of out-of-school- time programs are extremely clear, and we see this demonstrated daily through the Champions Extended Learning(tm) offerings we provide to more than 400 school sites across the country," said Shelley Lambert, vice president of operations, Champions.
Key findings from the survey revealed the many reasons superintendents feel these programs are important:
Improved Performance
Surveyed school superintendents were in near unanimous agreement on the benefits students receive from attending out-of-school-time programs:
* Improving in-classroom academic performance (93 percent)
* Improving in-classroom engagement (92 percent)
* Increasing social interaction skills (92 percent)
* Improving study skills (87 percent)
* Improving test scores (86 percent)
Skill Building
The majority of superintendents said out-of-school-time programs can improve student achievement in important disciplines, including math and reading:
* Math (95 percent)
* Reading (94 percent)
For More Information
Champions ( is a leading out-of-school-time provider of extended learning and education programs for school-age children. Programs are offered at more than 400 sites in 19 states.
The National AfterSchool Association ( is the leading voice of the after-school profession dedicated to the development, education and care of children and youth during their out-of-school hours.

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