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Encouraging families to touch the future

Encouraging families to touch the future

(NAPS)-Scheduling family time can be a challenge. Today's kids are often more enthusiastic about owning and burying themselves in the latest piece of technology than spending quality time with family. But technology can also be a great way to keep families in touch and bring them together.
For example, the touch-enabled HP TouchSmart 610 PC with Windows 7 has several ways to promote education and family togetherness. It offers a hands-on experience with a modern-day twist, incorporating advanced technology and features that satisfy both tech-savvy children and their parents. The family communication and entertainment hub encourages users to discover new things and provides endless ways to learn and play.
Learn and Play
The PC comes preloaded with kid-friendly applications from Marvel Comics and the Cartoon Network, and with games like Bounce Symphony, which teaches kids to sort balls by color. The touch capabilities also work well with most educational websites, such as and Fun
Creative Fun with No Mess
As the little ones grow older, touch technology promotes creativity without the added stress of cleanup. With the preloaded Paint software or downloadable drawing program Artrage, the touch-enabled PC lets children create digital, printable works of art with the touch of a finger, the tip of a pen or an actual paintbrush.
Entertainment for All Ages
Featuring an HD display that reclines from upright to almost flat, the PC is accessible to kids of all ages and heights. It also features a TV tuner, Blu-ray player and game console connectivity, so the entire family can enjoy movies or video games once homework is complete.
Connect to a Digital Lifestyle
Parents can use the PC to organize, document and share their child's latest masterpieces with friends and family through e-mail or touch-enabled Facebook and Twitter applications. The built-in webcam also enables users to instantly connect and share with family members no matter the distance.
Touch is an intuitive technology that can be shared by the whole family, and early tech engagement helps children unlock the tools for their future.

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