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Tips on keeping a well-stocked kitchen

Tips on keeping a well-stocked kitchen

(NAPS)-There's good news for those who want to get more enjoyment and nutrition out of family mealtime-and save money as well. With a little bit of preparation, you can have tasty, better-for-you meals and snacks-and end up wasting less food, money and time.
To help, here are some tips.
Plan Ahead
Begin by brainstorming with the rest of the family about which meals are the true crowd-pleasers. Be sure to double-check with all parties involved in case old favorites have changed. That way, you can avoid spending money on dishes nobody wants.
Check The Pantry
If you find your shelves overfilled with canned and dry goods you know you don't want, donate them to a food bank. Focus on restocking with the basics needed for the meals you know your family loves.
Learn To Love Lists
Make a grocery list built around your family's favorite meals. A detailed grocery list can help to keep you on track to purchase only the items you need. Check the paper for coupons on favorite items; they can help you decide which meals to prepare.
When you return, list your purchases on a whiteboard on the refrigerator so your family knows the nutritious options that are inside.
Fortunately, some appliances are now designed to make it easier to access nutritional information. For example, the Maytag Ice20 Easy Access French door refrigerator has an interactive LCD touch screen to help with calorie counting. Plus, an external pantry drawer makes nutritious snacks handy for little ones.
It's Cool To Freeze
When you know certain days of the week are busy, plan to have reheated leftovers, whether it's a dish refrigerated from the night before or frozen from a few weeks prior. Try freezing marinated meats, casseroles, lasagna, soups, even sides like rice. Freeze meals in single-size servings just in case the whole family isn't able to dine together.
Involve The Family
Preplanning and cooking can be fun and a lot less stressful if you involve the whole family. Encourage your kids to cook the meals with you and they'll be more likely to try new flavors and dishes while learning valuable cooking skills. As an added bonus, it will be more fun and less work for you.
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