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Window coverings and child safety

Window coverings and child safety:
What parents need to know

(NAPS)-While checking off items on that home childproofing list, remember to check your window areas. Access to windows and dangling window covering cords can pose a serious safety hazard to children and small pets.
"While nothing replaces the watchful eye of a loving parent or caregiver, there are precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of injury around window areas," said Tracy Christman, vice president of Budget Blinds Vendor Alliance.
She offers some tips to help:
* When decorating the nursery, set up furniture-such as cribs, changing tables and toy chests-away from window areas so that they cannot be used to access window treatment cords. Placing furniture away from the window area also minimizes the risk of the child accidentally falling through an open window and reduces the risk of injury from broken glass if the window is shattered.
* Choose cordless window coverings. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends cordless window treatments in homes where children are present, including grandparents' homes and child care locations.
"There are three ways to go cordless-choose inherently cord-free products, choose cordless operating products or motorize your window coverings," said Christman.
Shutters and roller shades with spring roller operation are cord-free by design. The spring roller allows homeowners to raise and lower roller shades by gently pulling on the bottom hem.
Cordless cellular shades eliminate lift cords and conceal the internal cords from curious tots, which makes them a great option for homes where children are present.
The demand for motorized window treatments has increased in recent years. Motorization is not only convenient, but it enhances safety by eliminating the need for lift cords on your window treatment, as seen on Signature Illusions.
"Motorization is a wonderful option for homes where children are present and homes where someone with special needs lives. Budget Blinds is proud to partner with Somfy Systems to make homes safer and more inviting than ever," said Christman.
The experts at independently owned and operated Budget Blinds franchises can explain all the features of each window covering and offer recommendations to help you make an informed decision about your window coverings purchase.
For more information and window treatment safety tips, visit or call (800) 519-6298.

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