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Remember the 3 C's to avoid heat being harmful to your pets

Remember the 3 C's to avoid heat being harmful to your pets

Hagerstown, MD: The Humane Society of Washington County is once again advising all pet owning residents to keep their pets out of the heat during the forecasted intense heat. Remember the 3 C's of Critter Care in Hot Weather:
Clean water - Always have fresh clean water available for all of your pets. Water is a crucial element in keeping the body from dehydrating so always have clean water readily available. Your pets do not need cold water but they do need clean water. When not cleaned out regularly water bowls can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can lead to other problems for pets.
Cool environment- Keep your pets cool and comfortable. Always provide proper shelter so your pet can get out of the sun and into a cooler environment. Ideally keep them indoors in the air conditioning and do not leave them outside for extended periods of time. Direct exposure to the sun can cause your pet's body temperature to rise rapidly. When that occurs dehydration is eminent and the threat of heatstroke becomes a very real possibility. Please visit our website for a list of the symptoms of heat exhaustion.
This is also applicable to livestock. Even though they are not house pets they still need you to look out for them. Keep them out of the direct sun. Have adequate shade and a good supply of clean water available for them at all times. Do not ride your horse in extremely hot weather as they can quickly overheat which can result in heat exhaustion.
Cars are a NO NO! - Do NOT keep your pets in a closed vehicle. Vehicles heat up incredibly fast and so will your pet. Even when temperatures outside are a comfortable 85 degrees your car can quickly heat up to 102 degrees within 10 minutes. Your car can rapidly become an oven and this can cause heatstroke, suffocation, brain damage or worse.
If you see a pet inside of a vehicle please contact the HSWC's Field Services Department at 301-733-2060 x203 immediately. Leaving your animal in a car is a crime. The HSWC Field Services Department will respond to calls of animals in vehicles and in distress.

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