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New app shows how to lighten up

New app shows how to lighten up
Abundant natural light and ventilation can make a room more functional and enjoyable, in addition to making a dramatic architectural statement.

(NAPS)-Picture this: your home bathed in natural, all-encompassing daylight, courtesy of skylights. Now you can picture it with the help of a new interactive app for personal devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods and Androids.
Just go to and enter "planner" to download the free app. Then you just snap photos of your rooms and click through the app to see how different skylights make a dramatic difference. You can locate nearby installers, get product information and even e-mail your pictures. Among the places you may care to consider installing a skylight are:
* The bathroom: According to American Standard, homeowners say the No. 1 option for the ultimate dream bathroom would be a skylight.
* A child's room: Students perform significantly better in environments that are lit with natural light.
* An older person's room: Researchers McFarland and Fisher report that to accommodate the aging eye, the amount of light required doubles every 13 years after age 20.
* The kitchen: This crucial space should be as comfortable and functional as possible, with natural light and ventilation being the key elements. According to Chan Hoyle, national marketing and communications manager for skylight manufacturer VELUX America, "Venting skylights can passively exhaust heat and cooking odors as well as VOCs from the kitchen and other areas of the home."
The company offers ENERGY-STAR(r)-qualified No-Leak Skylights with many energy-saving features.
For government information on window and skylight energy efficiency, visit For skylight selection or _installation information, visit

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