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Be well "liked" on social media

Be well "liked" on social media
More than 8,000 subscribers signed up for an e-mail list and sales rose 22 percent when one company offered a coupon to customers who "liked" it on Facebook.

(NAPS)-Face it, the more your business is visited on Facebook and other social media, the better off your bottom line is likely to be.
For small businesses and organizations that wonder how to grow both their number of Facebook fans and their e-mail list, a pet food manufacturer that's passionate about making dog food and treats that are healthy and fun can be a great example.
The company, Dingo, offered customers a coupon if they both liked the Dingo Facebook page and joined the company's mailing list. To make it easy for fans to sign up without having to leave Facebook, Dingo added Constant Contact's Join My Mailing List application to its Facebook page.
The company took it a step further by making the deal contingent on its Facebook page getting 5,000 "likes." By adding the goal, the dog food company encouraged coupon seekers to tell their friends and share the deal with their own social connections. Once the 5,000 number was reached, the coupon would be e-mailed to customers.
The program worked fantastically. The Facebook Page went from a mere 330 "Likes" to well over 5,000 in just three days, with roughly half of that number attributed to new customers.
People are visiting the Facebook Page for more than the one coupon. The company offers other coupons and deals on both Facebook and in e-mails, a tactic that keeps fans checking in and making purchases regularly.
Other steps Constant Contact recommends for social media include:
* In all your e-mails, add links to each of your social media profiles.
* On Twitter, promote your list by teasing your pending campaign and adding a link to your e-mail sign-up form.
* Link to an archived copy of your newsletter.
For more information on how you may be able to better leverage social media and e-mail marketing in your business, visit media or call (866) 876-8464.

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