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Wisdom From a Furry Friend: Pook, a sweet girl with a special need

Wisdom From a Furry Friend
Pook, a sweet girl with a special need

Hi. My name is Pook. I am a female white pit bull terrier mix. I am almost 5 years old and I am already altered. That last part means I can go home very quickly once the adoption has been approved for my new family. Oh and one other thing, I am deaf.
Don't get discouraged because I am deaf. Pets like me just need to learn to communicate and work together with our people. Being deaf means I can't hear you when you call me so I always need to be kept me on a leash when I am out walking. Things that are sound related that might scare other animals don't frighten me. And you know what? I like to be close to my family members so I can touch them if I need reassurance. It is good to let folks know to be gentle with me and always let me see them approaching because I can't hear their footsteps or voices. I just need to have my family watch out for me and keep me safe from things that I cannot hear that could harm me.
When I mentioned keeping your pet safe I mean that for all pets. Please be aware of the dangers of summertime weather. Do not keep us in a vehicle when it is hot outside. Even when temperatures outside are a comfortable 85 degrees your car can quickly heat up to 102 degrees within 10 minutes. Cats and dogs are not like people. We perspire through sweat glands on our noses and the pads of our feet. But just like people, we can get heatstroke, which can lead to brain damage or worse. Hot cars can also lead to suffocation so never leave us in a hot car. It could be fatal.
You need to provide us with a shady place to get out of the sun and heat. Always provide us with clean water. Just in case, these are the symptoms of heatstroke: rapid, loud panting, excessive salivating but a dry mouth and dry nose, tongue hanging out excessively, glazed eyes, agitated or confused behavior, vomiting, white or pale gums, sunken eyes and loss of skin elasticity. This is when the skin, when pulled up, does not return to its normal place but remains raised, like a tent. If you suspect your pet has had a heat stroke you need to contact your veterinarian immediately.
Please have fun with your pet during the warmer weather months but be aware that as we spend more time outside there are certain precautions we need to take to ensure those outings are favorable experiences. I would love to spend my summer days and nights with you. If you think you would like to have me join your family please come meet me at the Humane Society of Washington County. You never know, I might be the perfect match for you.

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown Ph: 301-733-2060. Fax: 301-733-0248.

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