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2011 jewelry: An ode to decades past

2011 jewelry: An ode to decades past

(NAPS)-The Spring 2011 fashion runways gave us a sneak peek into the top trends for the coming year. Collections paid homage to fashions from the past, refreshed to suit today's modern woman. Jewelry designers are following suit, creating designs in bold colors and dramatic shapes.
As we look ahead, here's an overview of jewelry trends to watch:
Old Hollywood. Vintage gained momentum in 2010 as designers looked to the past for inspiration in both fashion and bridal jewelry. The sophisticated elegance of classic jewelry returns in 2011 in the form of chandelier earrings and strand necklaces, accentuated with the occasional pearl or brilliant-cut diamond. Brides-to-be see family heirlooms as more desirable options for engagement rings and bridal jewelry, since traditional platinum settings are able to carry a love story through generations because of platinum's enduring qualities and long-lasting wear.
Color. 2010 saw an abundance of rich color, especially on the red carpet, as celebrities turned to colored gemstones, such as rubies and sapphires, to accentuate their couture gowns. In 2011, expect to see a more vibrant color palette, as designers embrace shades of blue, violet and orange. "Colored gems set into platinum will add exciting contrast to celebrity style this awards season," predicts jewelry and style expert Michael O'Connor. "Platinum's natural white color prevents the setting from casting any unwanted color onto the gems, making the stones shine more brilliantly."
Tribal. From the zebra print of Louis Vuitton to the feathers of Alexander McQueen, designers looked to the Savanna for inspiration for their spring collections. This translates into a jewelry box of exotic detail and strong design, as jewelry designers incorporate everything from animal prints in onyx and diamonds to figures of leopards and giraffes. Designers such as Novell are expanding their tribal-inspired collections in platinum, which gives them the freedom to engrave even the most intricate details.
No matter the trend, value and quality will continue to be the driving force behind consumers' decisions to purchase jewelry. As explained by O'Connor, "Value is one of the most motivating factors when it comes to selecting fine jewelry. Designers continue to push the envelope when it comes to providing versatility in design, all while staying focused on ensuring their creations provide long-term value by their use of high-quality materials like platinum." After all, while trends change season to season, jewelry has the power to transcend generations.

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