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Want Your Family to Spend More Time Together this Summer? Try Extreme Water Toys

Want Your Family to Spend More Time Together this Summer? Try Extreme Water Toys

(ARA)- Are your kids bored when you spend weekends at the lake? Do your older kids come up with excuse after excuse to get out of joining you on your summer trips to the cabin? And to think that when you bought your getaway, you had visions of fun family time together without the intrusions of work, school and other obligations.
There is a way to put the fun back into your summer and create lasting family memories. RAVE Sports creates extreme water toys that truly do provide something for everyone. Whether you want to sunbathe, splash around in the water, slide into the waves or even eat lunch on the lake, the whole family can do their own thing at the same time with an Aqua Jump Water Park.
"Our products let you bounce, spin, slide, soar or just meander across the water," says company founder Norm Mears. "They let kids be kids. Better yet, they let adults be kids." The Aqua Jump, the world's first floating trampoline, was Rave's original inspiration; the company now offers other inflatable swim platforms, as well as a wide selection of tow behinds.
Rave's products offer more versatility, hence more value, than a traditional swim platform. The Aqua Jump is available in a variety of sizes, and can be equipped with attachments like the Aqua Slide, Aqua Launch and Aqua Log that provide even more possibilities for fun. "Kids love to attempt running the length of the Aqua Log before falling into the water, as an example," says Mears.
Built to last using UV treated and protected 28-ounce, 1,000-Denier commercial grade PVC vinyl tubes for years of fun, Aqua Jump also features high quality construction, including heat-welded seams and galvanized steel frames for unsurpassed strength and durability. "These products are designed with the safety of the active family in mind," says Mears. "We are committed to safe and responsible fun."
The Aqua Jump is available in the company's eye-catching signature yellow and blue color scheme, or in a more sedate tan and green combination. The Aqua Jump is easy and quick to set up and take down, and backed with a lifetime warranty.
RAVE Sports also makes tow behinds for a whole different kind of water fun. The company's new line, the Mambo Series, uses a triangular design with upturned side wings that keep the tow behind from flipping over. "The kids don't get dumped, so you don't have to throttle down and circle back to pick them up," says Mears. This saves gas and makes for a more enjoyable ride.
Many of Rave's tow behinds throw a column of water--rooster tails--out the rear of the product and high into the air. "Kids love the excitement of a 15-foot high spray from the rooster tail, but it also serves a safety purpose, letting other boaters know that you're towing riders," explains Mears.
Not only will these extreme water toys offer hours of family enjoyment and togetherness, but you may also be surprised by how many friends and neighbors drop by to share in the fun.
To see all the exciting water products offered by Rave, visit You can buy online or find an authorized dealer near you.

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