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Bester Elementary geography bee

Front Row L to R: Autumn Cavender (1st Runner Up), Brandon Smith (School Champion); 2nd Row - Elijah Cruz, 3rd Row - Courtney Baker, Brandon Atha, Marisa Phelps, Ryan Chase, Trenton Gross, 4th Row - Ms. Barbara McCusker - Enrichment Teacher

Bester Elementary geography bee

The National Geography Bee is a nationwide contest for students in grades 4 through 8 sponsored by the National Geographic Society. The purpose of the Bee is to promote teaching and study of geography. There are three levels of competition: school, state and national. To compete for advancement from the school to state level, the winning contest in each school must take a written qualifying test. As many as 100 of the highest-scoring students in each state and territory will advance to the state level. The winning student in each state and territory will advance to the national level. Each fourth and fifth grade class held a preliminary competition in the form of a written test during their Media encore time during the weeks prior to Thanksgiving. The fourteen students with the highest scores on that written test became the finalists for our school competition. Representing Bester at the Bee on January 5, 2011 were: Elijah Cruz, Marisa Phelps, Trenton Gross, Brandon Atha, Joseph Wolfe, Ryan Chase, Courtney Baker, Autumn Cavender, and Brandon Smith.
The rounds consisted of multiple-choice questions which were answered either individually orally at a microphone or written on a dry erase board. After three rounds two contestants remained to compete in the championship round. First runner up was Autumn Cavender, a fifth grader in Mrs. Pongratz's class. The school champion is Brandon Smith, a fourth grader from Mrs. Smith's classroom.
Officials for the competition were: Judges-Mark Shives, Ryan Grabill and Diane Mentzer; Timer-Deborah Bolyard; Presenter-Kelsi Dean. Facilitator was the Enrichment teacher for the school, Barbara McCusker.

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