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New website makes finding recipes and meal planning easier

New website makes finding recipes and meal planning easier

(NAPSI)-A new website offers cooks of every skill level an easier way to plan meals and find recipes they will love. Drawing on a database of more than 500,000 recipes, the site, called Yummly, uses unique search algorithms to better understand food, users and their tastes, and makes it possible for people to find delicious meals based on their nutritional and dietary preferences.
That's good news for busy home chefs and those with food allergies and special diets to cook for or picky eaters to please; whether planning a midweek meal or a festive holiday feast, it can be difficult to find recipes that will please the whole table. Yummly is user friendly and is convenient to use on any computer or touch-pad device.
Find Recipe Ideas Based on Your Tastes
The site's search function makes it possible for users to find recipes that suit their unique tastes based on a variety of factors such as _ Ingredient likes and dislikes _ Type of cuisine _ Food allergy restrictions _ Dietary restrictions _ Nutritional preferences _ Price per serving _ Taste _ Preparation time _ Meal course _ Recipe source _ Specific holidays.
Publish and Share Recipe Favorites
Yummly now offers users the chance to save and publish their own recipes, whether it's to keep in their private digital recipe box or share with the website community. The site, which is fully integrated with Facebook, also offers a variety of ways for people to save, share and e-mail recipes with friends and family.
Plan Weekly Meals or Dinner Party Menus
Users can now sort and save recipes into specified folders that will help in the planning and organization of dinner parties, special events or weekly meals. Users can also share their menu ideas with friends, family or the website community.
Recipe Suggestions and Video Tutorials
Registered users can now receive recipe recommendations delivered right to their e-mail in-boxes. The site dispatches a weekly e-mail of seasonal recipe selections tailored to meet the food likes, dislikes and dietary specifications set in each user's profile. For those who are still learning, the site also offers a series of short and helpful instructional videos that demonstrate the basic cooking and food preparation techniques called for in most recipes. To learn more, visit

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