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Points to Ponder: There is Hope

by Pastor Dennis Whitmore

I was walking past an old, sort of “gothic looking” Baptist church in Washington D.C. one day. I don’t know architectural designs too well, but this old building had a huge, round stained-glass window in the front wall. It had, up on top, what looked like bell towers, with pillars and crumbling brick support walls on top that may have once held up a roof.

As I looked at the big round window, I observed the words circling the outer perimeter of the design. Within that perimeter was a cross emanating rays of light. The words encircling it were these: “There is hope.” I observed the artistry and colors, and felt the powerful truth in those reassuring words. The words surrounded the source of their meaning - the cross of Christ.

My eyes then moved up the wall toward the roof and those high, square, pillared towers. All the way up on top of the crumbling bricks was an amazing sight: a small bush (perhaps it was a tree) was growing out of the broken top of that tower. It was about five stories up. Only the sky above was higher. What an image.

There is hope. In the center of the everlasting, unwavering hope is the cross. And in the most out-of-the-way, broken down, seldom seen places, seeds are being planted. No human being can easily climb up to that great height. A lot of extra equipment and energy would be required to get up there. But a little seed made it, carried by the wind.

In the Bible, the word for spirit is “wind.” There are out-of-reach, isolated places in life where many may never go or would want to go. Sometimes, in your life, you will find yourself propelled into places which you did not choose. Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one, the diagnosis of a disease, the loss of a career, or the death of a dream. And there you are, in a place that seems so far away from everyone else; except the empty sky. And the support beneath you seems to be crumbling away.

Yet Jesus assures us that in Him, THERE IS HOPE. And by the power of His Spirit, the seeds of a new life (the growth of which is against all odds) have come there with you, propelled by His Spirit. He promised those who believe, “I will never leave nor forsake you.”

Seeing that bush, or tree, way up there growing on top of a crumbling wall that no longer serves the purpose it was built for, reminds me of that old and true saying:

“Bloom where you’re planted.”

If Christ is the center of your life, then there is hope. And the seeds are there. And the decision is yours. May God bless you right where you are. Choose to bloom.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Dennis

Pastor Whitmore is one of three area pastors teaching a weekly Bible study every Thursday at The Gourmet Goat, 4 East Franklin Street in Hagerstown, from 7:15-8:15 a.m. “Bring Your Bible, Have a Cup of Coffee, and Start Your Day Off in the Word.”

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