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Reflectsion! Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?
By William L. Bulla

Why? Why? Why? There are so many "whys" in our lives. Everyday we see things, or hear statements, that we ask ourselves or others "why?"
Why do people walk on the wrong side of the road with their backs to the traffic when they were taught to walk facing traffic?
Why do so many people never vote but complain of the results?
Why is bias distortion of history being written into our children's textbooks today?
Many times we, or those of whom we ask the question, are unable to answer it. Many of the actions we question reflect back to things we learned as children. As children, many of us were taught manners at home and in our schools. Why is there no longer a level of grace in winning ... in losing? We were taught to be good sports, win or lose, when playing games. Why is it different today?
Why do we have such a lack of civility in our world today?
As we drive throughout our community we can observe trash along the roadsides that has been thrown from moving automobiles.
Those doing this must know that it is, not only, a disgraceful thing to do to our community, but also, against the law. Why do people throw trash from their car while driving? Why do some of those people bag it up so neatly before littering our roadsides? Do they think this justifies their action?
Often, you are able to observe automobiles parked illegally in handicap parking spaces. Why do people without handicapped license plates insist on doing this?
Why do people display our nation's flag in a disrespectful manner? They leave it our in inclement weather and at night with no light shining on it. These are violations of the Federal Flag Code.
Why don't they read up on the rules and display it properly?
Why do we have laws prohibiting texting and hand held cell phone while driving? If the purpose is to prohibit drivers from becoming distracted and causing accidents, why must the drivers commit a primary offense such as speeding or reckless driving before they can be stopped? Why? In other words, why do we have laws designed to help prevent auto accidents, but our police cannot charge the drivers for violation of the law unless stopped for some other reason, perhaps the accident the law was designed to prevent?
Yes, there are many "whys" I encounter every day and I am sure many of you do also.
Why do the majority of our county's, or our nation's residents, eligible to vote fail to do so? In our recent primary election in Washington County only about 25 percent of the registered voters cast a vote. Why should such a minority of voters determine those who may end up making decisions inn our county that will affect the lives of so many. Why are the remaining 75 percent so negligent, yet will be those with the loud voices shouting about the results? Why? Why? Why?
Something I have observed at some out fast food restaurants at breakfast disturbs me. Why do parents give their children a carton of orange or other juice and a soda straw and let them get so upset because they are unable to force the straw through the impenetrable carton? By the time the parent takes over to open the carton, the soda straw in demolished and the child is often in tears. Why?
Why do I write about all of these things? I guess it is because I cannot understand why I have observed and fail to understand so many of the stupid things I see happening around me.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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