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Fish News: Fishing is still good

Fish News
Fishing is still good
By Dr. Ken Neill, III

Windy and wet weather has really slowed down fishing activity in the area. When the weather allows it, there will be some good action to be had. The striped bass season is open. The best fishing early in the season is at night around any structure with lights. The area bridges and piers will be the hot spots.
Oct. 2, Charles Southall fished the James River in some windy conditions. They caught a variety of bottom fish. They caught trout (gray and speckled), hogfish, croaker, spot, puffer fish, porgy, black drum and some other things. Nothing was large though they did bring in a mess of fish that were fried up at the club picnic.
Oct. 2, Wes Blow fished from the HRBT to the MMBT looking for spot. He caught small to medium-sized fish.
Sept. 25, my offshore crew fell apart so I did a little work on the boat and then ran it a bit. I put out some spoons and trolled around all of the menhaden schools off of Sandbridge. I caught plenty of bluefish while listening to the offshore fleet calling their marlin releases over the radio.
Sept. 23, Rick Wineman ran offshore. They stopped at the Chesapeake Light Tower and tried for jacks but did not find anyone at home. They hit some wrecks and caught a load of large sea bass. Out at the Norfolk Canyon, they caught dolphin and went 2 for 3 on white marlin.
Sept. 23, Kevin Pankoke fished north of the Norfolk Canyon in 60 fathoms. They went 9 for 13 on white marlin.
Sept. 19, Roger Burnley checked the CB buoy line off of Virginia Beach. There were still some cobia on the buoys. They caught and released two 53-inch fish and saw some others.
Sept. 19, I went spot fishing with Charles Southall. We found good numbers of spot near the MMBT. There were no huge ones but there were plenty of "eating size" fish to fill a cooler.
Sept. 15, Danny Forehand fished offshore around the Norfolk Canyon. The went 1 for 8 on white marlin, caught some nice dolphin, and then did a little bottom fishing and caught a snowy grouper.
Sept. 15, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished a wreck off of Wachapreague. They caught sea bass, flounder, bluefish, pigfish, croaker, tautog, porgies, and broke off a large shark.
Sept. 11, Capt. Kevin Pankoke fished for marlin at about the 41300 line. They caught a half-dozen whites and a blue marlin.
Sept. 11, Brent Meadors went fishing for wahoo but the marlin would not let him catch any. They ended up catching 2 out of a bunch of whites and had a blue marlin come in also. They also caught some nice dolphin.
Sept. 8, Rick Wineman fished the Triple 0s area. They went 2 for 4 on white marlin.
Sept. 7, Rick Wineman fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught a ton of dolphin and a couple of blackfin tuna off of a weed line. They also had a couple of marlin encounters, missing two fish.

Dr. Ken Neill, III writes a weekly column for The Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association (

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