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Four tips to keep you warm on colder days

Four tips to keep you warm on colder days

(NAPS)-It's important to stay active, whatever the season, so don't let colder days discourage you.
Here are a few tips to help keep you warm when you venture out:
1. Cover your head but don't forget neck and ears. Keep your ears warm with a cap, earplugs or ear warmers.
2. Get some tight gloves. Make sure they are waterproof gloves so ice and water can't seep in to chill you.
Also, make sure the gloves have a good grip, so you don't have to take them off to do things outside. If it's really cold, you can put some mittens on over your gloves or a liner in them.
3. Dress in layers and make the layer closest to your skin wool or polyester. Cotton or silk is good at absorbing moisture and if you work up a sweat, you could get chilled.
In extreme climates, you might start with a layer or two of underwear to be topped with wool sweaters, fleece pants and jackets, plus a windproof shell.
Layers should be loose enough to leave room for air so you lock in heat.
4. To keep toes nice and toasty, use footwear with a rechargeable heating system. Boar from Wenger Footwear not only comes with a rechargeable heating system but offers waterproofing technology, making it impenetrable in cold, wet conditions.
Weighing only 20 ounces, the product allows for three temperature settings and offers up to 10 hours of heating. Recharging takes about two to three hours.
Other features include Thinsulate insulation, PosiStep outsoles (which provide enhanced traction) and ZipTight lacing.
The product also features OutDry, the state of the art in waterproofing technology. Unlike other waterproofing systems, which use a booty that acts like a sock lining, this waterproof membrane is laminated directly to the outer layer of the shoe, so there is no water penetration.
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