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Technology tools for those living with a chronic condition

Technology tools for those living with a chronic condition

(NAPSI)-Today's evolving world of technology offers plenty of tools for people looking for health information.
These tools serve as an important resource for anyone living with a chronic health condition. In fact, for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS), these tools provide a way to connect with others and learn.
When you are living with a chronic condition, finding resources to meet your needs can be an important part of managing your health.
For Vickie, an MS LifeLines(r) Ambassador, visiting, provided valuable information and inspiration. MS LifeLines is an educational support service for people living with MS and their families. MS LifeLines and its ambassadors are sponsored by EMD Serono, Inc and Pfizer Inc.
"When I was diagnosed, I did not know anything about MS, which is a scary feeling," said Vickie. "When I found, I started to understand MS and was able to read inspiring stories from other people living with MS. The site empowered me."
Vickie, along with fellow MS LifeLines Ambassadors David and Christy, share tips on how to use technology tools to empower yourself with information.
Know Where To Start
* Explore your options by using a search engine.
Find out if there are support groups on Facebook, other online support groups or mobile applications that can be downloaded and used on your mobile phone.
Talk to others living with MS and see how technology has helped them. Ask them for helpful sources of information, Web sites or groups. For example, David uses social networking sites to connect with others.
"I found the MS Voices Facebook page to be useful," said David.
Go Online to Connect Locally
* Take advantage of online forums and blogs that list local events happening in your community.
Try searching Google for your town name or zip code, along with your condition.
Christy frequently visits for videos and information about in-person and telephone programs for people living with MS.
"I use the News and Events tab not only to find programs in my area, but also to find programs near family members," said Christy. "They are all interested in learning more about MS."
Try Mobile If You're Often On the Go
* Check out mobile applications.
Mobile applications and other downloadable tools can be a good resource for information. Check out online libraries such as iTunes to see if apps are available.
For more tips and information, visit or call (877) 447-3243.

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