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Fish News: Yellowfin tuna are rare

Fish News
Yellowfin tuna are rare

Cobia fishing remains very good in the lower bay. Sight fishermen are finding fish along the Baltimore and York River Channels. Offshore the bite has been dolphin and billfish. Yellowfin tuna have been rare.
July 6, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished 21 Mile Hill. They did not catch any tuna but they did catch a bunch of false albacore. They also caught 2 very nice dolphin.
July 5, Charles Southall received a call from Ric Burnley. The word was to get out to Nautilus Shoal where there were thousands of red drum schooled up. There were just their two boats working this amazing school of fish. Charles said that he has never seen anything like it. They caught fish up to 51 inches long. Everyone caught multiple citation-sized fish. They left the fish when all of the anglers were worn out and Charles had two broken rods.
July 4, Wes Blow chummed for cobia by himself. It was rather rough. He hooked three cobia. He caught the smallest one, 44 inches long. The other two were much larger. He lost both of them near the boat.
July 3, J. T. Hale fished for cobia. They were hooked up within minutes. It was the only fish of the day but it was a big one. Back at the dock it weighed in at 74 pounds.
July 3, I was able to go cobia fishing with Capt. Jorj Head. We had a gorgeous day to sight fish for cobia. We stayed in the general area of the Hump between the Baltimore and York River Channels. It was good to see a lot of menhaden. We found the cobia around these the rest. Jorj collected a DNA sample from each fish for a study being done at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. All of the fish were caught on live eels.
July 3, Wes Blow and Keith Blackburn chummed for cobia. They were hooked up before they got all of the lines in the water. In short order, they had a 54-inch cobia in the net. That was their only cobia of the day. They then ran to the CBBT where they caught some small flounder.
June 29, Brandon Bartlett called and said that the bluefin bite has been pretty good on the inshore humps. He fished the Hot Dog and caught two bluefin tuna. They also caught king mackerel and false albacore.
June 28, Capt. Jorj Head went cobia fishing. Really, he has been catching cobia almost every day. I just have not been calling to get his reports. On this day, they caught 6 cobia around the Baltimore Channel, sight fishing.
June 27, Wes Blow chummed for cobia at York Spit. He had one bite and caught a 50-inch cobia.

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