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When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes
by Mark S. Gietzen
Director of Maryland Christian Singles

The metaphor of a lightning strike is often used in romantic expression, but for Darlene, the lightning strike was real!
When Darlene first called the Christian Singles Info-exchange, she was doubtful that we could actually do much for her. Darlene had tried several computer-based commercial singles groups before, and her experience with the Internet-based groups did nothing more than to make her skeptical of all singles groups.
After all the money that Darlene had spent on these commercial groups, she had little hope that our non-for-profit organization, with a modest membership fee, and relatively small statewide database was going to help her.
Darlene quoted a statistic that she heard: "...a woman of my age has a better change of getting struck by lightning than she has of finding a partner for marriage!"
Christian Singles Director, Mark S. Gietzen told Darlene that he had heard that same statistic, but that her chances were better than that often quoted statistic of unknown origin would indicate.
Impressed with the membership guarantees offered by Christian Singles, Darlene decided to join at the intermediate membership level, ($150.00), intending to upgrade later when she would be financially better able to do so.
Christian Singles' staff warned Darlene not to have unreasonable expectations of immediate success, and told her that for some it takes years of searching and studying profiles before the right partner is found.
However, neither Darlene nor anyone knew what God had in store for her...and no one could have predicted what would happen in just the next ten days.
When Darlene joined, she had decided to also maintain her membership in a computer-based group, just in case things did not work out.
But that was when "God spoke to her" to speak.
Lightning not only struck her home, but it completely fried her computer! Darlene's insurance company declared her computer system a total loss.
Fortunately, membership in The Christian Singles Info-exchange does NOT require the use of a computer. All matching profiles were sent to Darlene by First Class US Mail.
When her insurance company paid her computer damage claim from the lightning strike, Darlene used part of the insurance money to pay off her membership and to select her soon-to-be husband, Raymond. That was JUST NINE DAYS after joining our group!
The "Hand of God" was also visible on Raymond's side of the equation.
Raymond's daughter had actually gotten the membership for him, and it was a matter of timing, i.e., Raymond going between Active and Inactive status that put Raymond on Darlene's list at the right time.
Raymond and Darlene were married on July 10, 2004 in a beautiful church ceremony, in the presence of their many friends, children, and grandchildren.
The Hand-of-God, so visible in the case of Raymond and Darlene, is actually in everything that we do everyday. Sometimes we just can not see it so plainly.
Darlene said that she wished that she had heard about us years ago, because; "...her life with Raymond in a happy life", and she had spent so much time unnecessarily alone.
Maryland Christian Singles works equally well for the young and the old. Both those with a computer, and those without one can access the system via regular US Mail, and there is none of the privacy worries that go along with profiles published on-line, like the Internet-based groups do.
To be eligible to join Maryland Christian Singles, one must be a person who:
-is a marriage-minded single,
-is at least sixteen years old, (no upper age limit),
-is considered eligible for marriage in his or her own church and by civil laws, (previously married members of religious denominations that require an annulment prior to remarriage, must have their annulment prior to joining),
-believes in the basic Christian principles concerning marriage and family,
-believes in a life-long commitment to marriage,
-believes in no sex outside of marriage,
-shares a respect for all human beings from conception to natural death, and,
-agrees to treat all other members in a courteous manner.
Maryland Christian Singles offers members access to all other members in all of its 50 state sub-chapters, if they want it, at no additional cost.
Maryland Christian Singles is a nonprofit organization, and is part of the nationwide Christian Singles Info-exchange. We are dedicated to increasing the likelihood of successful marriages and decreasing the likelihood of divorce and troubled marriages in Maryland and in America.
All members are guaranteed to work or your membership year is entirely free. Memberships come in three levels, beginning at $25.
Memberships can also be earned, without spending any money, by simply telling friends and family members about Maryland Christian Singles, or, by doing at least five (5) hours of volunteer work for your church or approved no-for-profit organization.
To contact Maryland Christian Singles call 1-800-869-2500, or visit the web-site at then click on Maryland.

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