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Fish News: Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program

Fish News
Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program

It is time to sign up for the Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program. Call 757-491-5160 to register to participate in 2010.
George Poveromo came to Virginia this summer to record two episodes for his ESPN2 series, George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing. Each show features a member of the PSWSFA. I am in the first show, which will first air on January 10 at 7:30am. It will be shown again on January 16 at 6:30am. Capt. Jorj Head is the local expert in the second show. His show will first air on February 14 at 7:30am and be shown again on February 20 at 6:30am.
Our club's awards banquet will be held on February 26. Cost will be $15 for members. Children eating the kids meal will be free. Everyone must be pre-registered so we can give the restaurant our order. Look in the latest issue of the Chum Line for details:
It is time to start paying our club dues for 2010. Annual membership is still only $30.
Jan. 11, Steve Martin and I ran south out of Rudee Inlet for about 30 miles. We found all the rockfish we could handle. We caught fish up to 46 inches long.
Jan. 9, Ric Burnley fished about 35 miles south of Rudee Inlet on the Matador. They had a great day catching many large rockfish.
Jan. 8, John Hunt ran 40 miles south of Rudee Inlet. They found a bunch of feeding rockfish about 2 miles off of the beach.
Jan. 6, Rick Wineman ran down to the Duck Research Pier. They got down there after the hot bite was over. They managed to pick up a couple of nice rockfish.
Jan. 1, Wes Blow fished the Elizabeth River. He caught 6 speckled trout up to 6 pounds.
Jan. 1, Ruth and Mac McCormick fished the Elizabeth River. They trolled up some speckled trout.

Dr. Ken Neill, III writes a weekly column for The Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association (

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