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Fish News: Talkin' 'bout Flounder

Fish News
Talkin' 'bout Flounder

Mark Anderson will be the speaker at the Sept. 15 club meeting. He will be talking about flounder. Mark has tagged hundreds of flounder with special tags. These fish need to be recaptured. If you catch one, it is worth $200 to you and that fish does not count against your bag limit or size minimums.
Our club's annual Spot Tournament is scheduled for Oct. 3 and 4. Weigh-in is at Dare Marina by 1pm on the 4th. The weigh-in will be followed be a free cookout for all club members.
Sept. 6, Wes Blow and Mike Avery went out for cobia. When the wind and the current finally got right, they caught three cobia and missed a few more.
Sept. 5-6, was a couple of days of cobia fishing on a variety of boats. We fished on Charles', Ric's, and my boat some of the time. Cobia fishing was very good. We caught fish chumming at Bluefish Rock, sight casting in open water, and off of the CB buoys. Roger Burnley caught the largest fish of the weekend. His fish weighed in at over 92 pounds. Ric Burnley, Charles Southall and myself each released a cobia over 50 inches long. We caught about a dozen fish total and encountered many others.
Sept. 5, Capt. Jorj Head took a charter out for cobia. They had a good day, chumming up a bunch of fish. They caught nine, keeping their four fish limit and tagging and releasing the rest. They broke off two large fish at boat side and had a lot of other action.
Sept. 5, Larry Lusk ran down to the South Tower where they found plenty of large amberjack to attack their topwater baits. Larry said that they would bite only if the plugs were worked in one particular direction.
Sept. 5, Larry Horne went out after cobia. They chummed up their three-fish limit and came in early.
Sept 5, Katelyn Southall made a very short cobia trip. In about a half-hour of chumming, they hooked two cobia and caught one.
Sept. 5, Tim Hatok did an early morning cobia trip. They caught one 50-inch cobia and lost two others.
Sept. 5, Rick Wineman ran to the Chesapeake Light Tower where they caught two amberjack and two crevalle jack. They then ran offshore where they had a number of billfish in the spread but did not get hooked-up.
Sept. 3, Barclay Shepard went and chummed for cobia in a strong NE wind. They caught 11 cobia.
Sept. 2, Wes Blow went out and chummed for cobia. The seas were big but the fishing was good. Sharks were a problem and ate up a lot of Wes' bait. Before his bait ran out, Wes caught six cobia.

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