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Fish News: Cruising Around in Open Waters

Fish News
Cruising Around in Open Waters

There is a lot of great fishing going on right now. This has got to be one of the best cobia seasons we have ever had in both numbers of fish and the numbers of large fish that are being caught. Fish are being caught on chum slicks, by running the buoys, and just cruising around in open waters and casting to fish.
Steve York will be the speaker at the August 18 club meeting. He will talk to us about catching speckled trout at the HRBT.
Aug. 10, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished for Spanish mackerel off of Occohanock. In a few hours of fishing, they caught 18 up to 24 inches long.
Aug. 9, Wes Blow took outdoor writer, Ken Perrotte out after cobia. Ken is doing a story on Wes and his state-leading cobia. They caught a 51-inch cobia.
Aug. 9, Ric and Roger Burnley did some sight fishing for cobia. They saw 8 fish and caught 2 of them.
Aug. 9, Capt. Jorj Head, 757-262-9004, took a charter out after cobia. They caught 3 fish.
Aug. 8, Tim Hatok and Joey Stratton went cobia fishing off of Grandview in Tim's new boat. They had shots at four fish and managed to boat one. A good first trip in a new boat.
Aug. 7-8, Mike Avery ran an overnight trip to the Norfolk Canyon. They did not catch any swordfish but some big blue sharks visited them. They caught a couple of them. In the morning, they did some deep dropping and caught a variety of fish including 4 nice golden tilefish and 2 wreckfish.
Aug.1, Charles Southall hit the Chesapeake Light Tower and had a big catch of Spanish Mackerel in the 20-22 inch range.
Aug. 1, Capt. Jorj Head ran out after cobia and caught 2.
Aug. 1-9, I spent the past week fishing with George Poveromo for his TV show, George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing, which airs on ESPN2 ( I first met George many years ago when he was here for his National Seminar Series, I don't remember what year that was but Claude Bain and Bill Hall were two of the regional experts. I stayed after to talk to them. That conversation, which I am sure they do not remember, taught me how to catch drum. I met George then. At a later seminar, Richard Bartlett was a regional expert. I was fishing with Richard a lot and at that time, he was the guy winning all of the rockfish tournaments (he was Max King before Max King). The next year, was the first year of George Poveromo's TV show. He came to Virginia to film an episode on striped bass. They used the first Healthy Grin as a camera boat and I ran Richard's boat while George and Richard fished. That was 10 or 11 years ago. Year's later, George asked me to be one of the regional experts at his seminar series and he asked me to recommend a really good inshore fisherman. That was easy, Capt. Craig Paige. Later, George came back to Virginia and filmed a flounder show with Craig. Sometime last year, George contacted me about coming back to Virginia. That was about coming back with the Seminar Series to Virginia Beach, which he did. He then said that he was thinking about bringing his boat up here and filming a show. He said that he had done the striped bass and the flounder. Did we have any other good fisheries? I laughed. It is easier to list the fisheries, which are not good here. We talked about all of the great fishing we have and when they occur. I wanted him to do a show with our trophy drum fisheries or a white marlin show. He picked offshore bottom fishing with cobia as a back-up plan if the weather kept us inshore. Later he asked if he stayed a couple of extra days did I think we could film two shows? I said sure. George wanted me to fish offshore with him and asked for a recommendation for the cobia show. Again, that was easy, Capt. Jorj Head. Jorj was a little perturbed when I told that I had guaranteed that he would catch cobia for national television if they fished with him a day. I had complete confidence in him. Jorj is one of the best anglers I know. The Marc VI was delivered on a trailer. That was the first little glitch.
They have hours of film for each show, which will be edited down to about 18-19 minutes each. We talked about a lot of things over the week: IGFA, VMRC, VSWFT, VIMS and so on. We will see what makes the shows. I know Virginia Beach will get a lot of publicity with both shows. The shows will air in the first quarter of 2010 on ESPN2. Some stuff I know will not make it that I think would make good TV, like when George's rod just exploded while fighting a big amberjack. Exciting and he caught the fish but they won't want to show a rod exploding for some manufacturer who's commercial may be running in 30 seconds. I think it would be good advertisement: we stand behind our rods even when you abuse them like this...kind of thing. Other stuff may make it though it should not. There is no reason they should show me wrestling with some conger eel but I can tell that they think it is too funny not to use.

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