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On Camera

George Poveromo is here filming some episodes for his ESPN2 fishing show. It has been a very busy week, getting in late each night and up awful early each morning. We are fishing long days and then have to get the boats, tackle, and bait ready for the next morning. Depending on which species we are fishing for each day, either Capt. Jorj Head or myself are the guest angler but while we are the ones on camera, it is the entire Healthy Grin crew and our families who are making this happen: from launching George's boat, putting together and rigging all of the tackle which was sent ahead, tying rigs, running the Healthy Grin as the camera boat, catching and preparing bait and everything else which needs to get done. Thank you everyone! This is a quick report because I need to go to bed. We are fishing early in the morning.
July 25, Bernie and Preston Sparrer fished for cobia at Bluefish Rock. They caught 4 cobia in the 40-50 pound range. They lost a much larger fish at the boat.
July 25, Rick Wineman fished Bluefish Rock. They caught three large cobia. They only kept one, which weighed in at 67 pounds 14 ounces. They released the other two.
July 21, Capt. Jorj Head, chummed for cobia for near the CBBT. They weighed in two citations. Their very nice 55-pound fish looked rather small next to the 91-pound beast they brought to the scale.
July 20, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished for flounder off of Occohanock. They caught 4 doormats from 23 to 28.5 inches long. They also hooked up a nice cobia on one of their flounder rigs but broke it off.
July 19, Wes Blow and Chris Boyce went chumming for cobia near the CBBT. They caught 3 cobia up to 46 inches.
July 18, Chris Boyce chummed for cobia at Bluefish Rock. They caught a 36-inch cobia and a 47-inch red drum.
July 18, Bernie Sparrer and David Forman fished for cobia near the Baltimore Channel. They chummed up a 53-pound fish.
July 16, Dave and Chris Boyce fished with Capt. Craig Paige. They caught 9 flounder up to 6 pounds 3 ounces.
July 14, Phillip Neill spent some time near the 12-mile mark. First, he fished for flounder and did very well. His largest flatfish weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces for his first-ever flounder citation. He then set up on a chum slick for cobia. He caught a huge fish, which weighed in at 73 pounds.
July 14, Mike Hurst and Bernie Sparrer won The Gloucester Boys and Girls Flounder Tournament. Their three-fish stringer included a 9-pound and a 7-pound fish. Second place was taken by Capt. Jorj Head and crew. Their top fish was 7 pounds. Capt. Jorj had a surprise catch when a 80-pound cobia decided to eat his flounder bait.
July 11, Chris Boyce fished the Wallace's Cobia Tournament. They only saw one cobia all day and it would not bite. Boats set up all around them caught fish including the tournament winner.

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