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Fish News
News and Meeting Information

Capt. Will Branson will be the speaker at the July 21 meeting of the PSWSFA. He is a diver who will be able to show us what is going on at our favorite wrecks and he will share some information on wrecks we do not know about.
July 7, Brandon Bartlett sight fished for cobia at the mouth of the bay. They managed to catch 4 cobia and saw some others.
July 6, Matt Rinck caught a 50-pound cobia while fishing with Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004. They were fishing a chum slick.
July 5, we targeted bluefin on the inshore hills and the 20 fathom curve. Really had two sizes we were after: the 150 lb-5 year old fish which were caught last week and 24-28 inch fish which were born last summer. The small fish for research and the larger ones for fun. We caught neither. If anyone finds the pups, please let me know. There are some scientists looking for them. There will be a lot of boats out looking for the big bluefin this week with the Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament going on. My guess is that they will be found somewhere around 20 fathoms but we did not find them Sunday. What we did catch were 2-year-old, 36-44 inch bluefin on top of 26-Mile-Hill. Ric Burnley caught a nice king mackerel and we had one other toothy bite. We caught a gaffer dolphin. All the other bites were bluefin. We got seven of them to the boat. Good action thought you can only keep one that size. I did not hear of any over 47 inches caught where we were.
July 4, Wes Blow set up a chum slick after the winds let up a bit. He caught 2 with the largest at 50.5 inches long. He tied that fish off and had 3 small cobia school up on her. None of those were interested in any bait Wes presented.
July 3, Jim Weilmuenster fished out of Hatteras. They caught 25 gaffer dolphin and went 1 for 3 on sailfish.
July 3, I ran down to the South Tower with Charles Southall and his son, Hunter. The amberjacks were just stupid easy. They were biting anything and everything. Live baits, jigs, and top water. I would not hang your feet in the water down there right now. The vast majority of the fish are in the mid-40 inch range though we did catch a few over 50 inches. On the way back, we stopped at the 4A Drydock area and caught triggerfish, bluefish, sea bass and some flounder (too small to keep).

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