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Fish News: The Flounder Bowl

Fish News
The Flounder Bowl

$3,000 First Place Prize: "The Flounder Bowl", the open flounder tournament of the PSWSFA will be one June 27 with a captains meeting on the 26th. It will be held out of Dare Marina and Yacht Sales ( ). This will be a team tournament with an entry fee of $100 per boat. There is also a sponsors division with an entry fee of $200. Sponsored boats will fish in the regular tournament and will also compete for a sponsors trophy. Winners will be determined by the combined weight of a 3-fish stringer. The top six boats will finish in the prize money. The rest of the boats will be entered into a "lucky dog" drawing for an additional cash prize. There will be an optional big fish calcutta, of $100, single largest fish takes all. In addition to the cash prizes, there will be special awards for the largest flounder caught by a youth and the largest flounder caught by a lady.
June 7 and 8, Jim Weilmuenster fished out of Hatteras. They had great gaffer dolphin fishing the first day but the fishing slacked off the second day when they only managed 3 gaffers.
June 7, Mike Avery made a run offshore for some deep-dropping. They came back with a limit of wreckfish, blueline tilefish to 15 pounds, big sea bass, and a golden tilefish.
June 6, Mike Avery fished near Fisherman's Island where they caught a few, large red drum.
June 6, Rick Wineman fished red drum near Fisherman's Island. They clobbered them. They caught and released 13 large red drum to 48 inches long.
June 6, I ran over to the buoy 10 area with Tricia in the evening. She had not been with us when we tagged all of those reds (tags should start popping off June 24). As soon as it got dark, the bite was on. She caught 3 big red drum back to back and said that was plenty. That was a good thing because I had a crew meeting me at the dock in a few hours and I needed a nap. We called Capt Craig Paige over to us. I don't know how many he ended up with but we could hear his drags screaming as we were leaving. We were anchored in 20 feet of water and were using live blue crabs as bait.

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