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Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! "Thanks For Donating Your Car!"

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
"Thanks For Donating Your Car!"

Habitat for Humanity celebrated Earth Day 2009 by recycling donated cars to help build homes in partnership with low-income families in need of housing. Thanks to everyone who made a contribution.
But this program is not just a once a year Earth Day event. It is a year-round activity. So, if you did not make a donation on Earth Day you can still do so! Donors can call Habitat for Humanity's Cars for Homes(tm) toll-free number, 1-877-277-4344 or visit to process their car donation online. Donor contact, title and vehicle information is collected and, upon acceptance of the donation, arrangements are made for the vehicle to be picked up for processing. Funds generated from the sales of locally donated vehicles will go to Habitat for Humanity of Washington County and will benefit local families. Donors receive an acknowledgement letter for their car donation and can check with the Internal Revenue Service, or their tax advisor, for information on the tax deductibility of their donation.
Habitat's Cars for Homes(tm) program aims to recycle end-of-life vehicles into affordable housing. The Cars for Homes(tm) program accepts donated cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs and other vehicles and sells them through automobile auctions, recyclers or salvage yards to raise funds that help build simple, decent homes. The proceeds from car donations help purchase building materials and result in homes built in partnership with families in need of decent shelter.
Habitat for Humanity's work is accomplished at the community level by Habitat affiliates-independent, locally run, nonprofit organizations. Habitat for Humanity of Washington County coordinates all aspects of Habitat home building in its local area-fund raising, building site selection, partner family selection and support, house construction, and mortgage servicing.
But if you don't have a vehicle of some sort to donate, there are other ways you can help Habitat build a home for some needy family. One way is to volunteer. Not all volunteers hammer nails! There are dozens of other jobs not involving construction. Locally, volunteers for Habitat are the main source of labor to build affordable homes for those in need in our community.
Safe, affordable housing is a basic necessity for every family. Of the array of housing needs in our county, none deserves more attention than those involving children. Think about the children who are living in those families, where they are living, and what kind of a future they have.
Often, many low-income families are spending too much of their income to find a decent place to live. They have little or no health insurance. They incur unmanageable medical expenses and cannot pay for the necessities. After a couple of months, they can't make ends meet so they move. The children change schools, neighborhoods and they never get time to make friends, find mentors, or feel secure. From this action other problems develop within the family and with the children. And the cycle goes on and on!
In a study conducted by Habitat for Humanity International, 38-percent of Habitat homeowners reported a positive impact on the physical health of their children; 67-percent reported less conflict in family relationships; and 63-percent indicated a positive change in their children's school performance.
At Habitat, we believe we have a responsibility to see that the childhoods of our next generation are not scarred by substandard housing and homelessness. That's the reason more than 300-people volunteer every year to help build safe, affordable homes for those in need in Washington County. Habitat families put in 500-hours of "sweat equity" helping to build their house and other Habitat houses. We work, shoulder-to shoulder, with those families and share in that sense of pride they develop as they help build their new home.
Why don't you consider volunteering for Habitat? A few hours a month can make a big difference in someone's life! Please consider it and call the Habitat office at 301-791-9009.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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