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Boonsboro hosts its first Green Fest - May 9, 2009

Boonsboro hosts its first Green Fest - May 9, 2009

Boonsboro, MD: Beautiful Shafer Park will be the scene of the first annual Boonsboro Green Fest on Saturday, May 9, 2009. Featuring nearly 80 vendors, the spring festival will run from 10am to 2pm. Admission is free.
The first event of its kind held in Boonsboro, it is sponsored by the Boonsboro Recycling Task Force and is an official Town of Boonsboro event.
Established to promote conservation efforts and recycling within the community, the inaugural Green Fest will feature a variety of vendors and exhibitors, who will share their eco-friendly products, offer demonstrations and provide an array of recycling opportunities.
Everything from solar and geothermal energy systems to composting to fair trade products to heirloom tomato plants to rain barrels and rain gardens to special children's activities to recycling services will be featured throughout the park. A variety of food concessions also will be available in the main pavilion.
12-Ton Challenge - Green Fest visitors have been challenged by Washington County Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch to recycle 12 tons of mixed paper, cans, bottle and #1 & #2 plastics during the four-hour festival. Large recycling containers will be located in the Community Center parking lot and attendants will help unload vehicles, if necessary.
Twelve tons represent three times the average weekly weight (four tons) of the recyclables deposited in the recycling bin at the park-n-ride lot in the south side of Boonsboro.
Citizens will also have an opportunity to recycle other items, including sneakers, eyeglasses and cases, egg cartons, Nabisco wrappers, wire clothes hangers, wheelchairs, aluminum walkers, canes and crutches, bikes and sewing machines, ink and toner cartridges, cell phones and rechargeable batteries.
An entire pavilion will also be dedicated to a Clothing Swap & Sale, in which unwanted, gently-used articles of clothing can be exchanged for something that is needed. Each item donated earns a voucher for another piece of clothing. Items will also be sold to those without vouchers
For more information, visit the website or contact Committee Chair Jenny Sarnecki at or 301-432-7035.
Working with Sarnecki are the other members of the committee: Rosemary James, Amy Jones, Larry Neumark, Brigitte Schmidt, Laura Schnackenberg, Janeen Solberg, Kathy Vesely, Sieg Gooding and Barbara Wetzel, who also serves on the Boonsboro Town Council.
Assisting the committee is Washington County Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch, who serves as liaison for the county's Solid Waste Department (
History of Recycling Task Force
The Boonsboro Recycling Task Force (BRTF) was created in August 2007 to promote recycling and conservation efforts within the Boonsboro community through service and education.
The initial impetus which put the 10-member Task Force into motion was the loss of the residents' only means to recycle - a dumpster provided through a county program. The Town of Boonsboro had been forced to discontinue hosting the bin because the remote site was being used as a dumping ground for much more than recyclables.
The group's first goal was to work with the town to reinstate the county's recycling bin program by finding a suitable location for the dumpster. On December 22, 2007, some four months later, recycling was returned to Boonsboro, as the recycling dumpster began operations at its current site - in the park-n-ride lot at the intersection of Alt. Rt. 40 and Rt. 67 in the town's south end.
To help ensure that the site would not be overrun again with refuse, the members of the BRTF offered to regularly monitor the dumpster site. The group has kept its promise; since the program was reinstated in December 2007, the site has been visited daily by a member of the 10-member task force.
The Task Force's second goal is to bring curbside recycling to the Town of Boonsboro ( More than 3,200 people reside in 1,200 households in Washington County's second largest municipality.
In late 2007, a door-to-door survey was conducted by Task Force members to determine who and how residents were recycling at the time and how many would be interested in the town's starting a curbside recycling program. Of the nearly 500 households surveyed, more than 86 percent were in favor of adding curbside services.
While the BRTF continues to advocate for more recycling services in the town, members have become involved in other educational and outreach programs to improve the community, including planning the Green Fest, establishing environmental clubs in Boonsboro's middle and high schools, advocating for green cleaning products, disseminating recycling information, and pushing for new, special events recycling containers. Fifteen have been purchased by the town government and will be used at the Green Fest.
Boonsboro area residents are welcome to attend the Task Force's regular meetings on the third Wednesday (7pm) of each month at the Community Center in Boonsboro's Shafer Park. Meetings are open to the public.

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