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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Youth Development and Parent Awareness Funds Awarded

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Youth Development and Parent Awareness Funds Awarded

The WCCP released two Call for Concepts (CFC) for teen pregnancy prevention. The first CFC, entitled "Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Youth Development Programs," was for projects that impact teen pregnancy such as after-school, weekend, or retreat-type programs for middle/high school-age youth. Programming was to target at-risk youth and take place in locations convenient for families in Washington County.
The second CFC, entitled "Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Parent Awareness Projects" requested services for parents/influential adults to gain knowledge, awareness and communication skills in order to help youth make healthy choices about the critical issues of sex, love, values, and relationships. Surveys of youth continue to indicate that parents are their first "go to" choice for information on sex and relationships. However, many youth say their parents are not talking about this subject in depth.
The CFCs required that the proposed projects include best practice Abstinence Plus programming strategies. Abstinence Plus, also known as Abstinence Based programming, includes the promotion of abstinence as the best and safest choice for teens while also providing comprehensive information on sexually transmitted infections, teen pregnancy, reproductive health and how to protect oneself if choosing not to be abstinent.
The following programs were selected to receive WCCP funding:
Boys and Girls Club of Washington County, Inc. - $8,250.00
Awarded funds for Date Smart, which is a ten-session program that focuses on how teens can achieve safe and healthy relationships with their peers while examining their feelings about dating. The program will take place at the Valley Mall and Elgin Station.
First Christian Church in partnership with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition - $3,980.00
Awarded funds for Just Say Know, which targets two church locations to provide a ten-week implementation of the "Just Say Know" curriculum. The curriculum is a biblically-based, human sexuality and abstinence-based program offering factual knowledge coupled with spiritual insights enabling youth to make the best choices.
Girls Inc. of Washington County - $12,300.00
Awarded funds for Purpose Power Prevention - The 3 P's of a Successful Teen, which is an eight-session program offered separately for boys and girls at Otterbein United Methodist Church for middle school-age youth. The program covers peer pressure, anatomy/hygiene, relationships, self-esteem, media literacy and Internet safety.
(BOLD)Parents/Influential Adults
Department of Juvenile Services - $4,948.00
Awarded funds for Parents KNOW, which is composed of six awareness sessions that will be offered to parents that will include up-to-date health and sexuality information from a health practitioner and strategies for how to communicate with your teen.
First Christian Church in partnership with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition - $5,105.00
Awarded funds to offer two parent-forums to coincide with the youth Just Say Know program utilizing the expertise of Dr. James Childerston and "Know Love Know Power" materials.
Washington County has the 3rd highest birth rate for teens, ages 15-19 (2006). The national teen birth rate increased approximately 3% in 2005, which reversed a thirteen-year annual decline in the rate. Twenty-six (26) states saw their teen birth rates increase in 2005. Parent and youth focus on this family issue is critical to impacting this trend nationally as well as locally. For local information and/or resources or to get involved, contact the Washington County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition at 301-671-3000 or

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